Saturday, April 27, 2019

FarmOn | 22nd Cycle Opening & Registration

After skipping investment for the last 2 cycles, they now included Squash (Growers) and Watermelon (Growers) in the products available for this current cycle so I reinvested my funds.

Last 22 April, the 22nd cycle opened which will last until 07 June and the start of real farming will be on 15 July, 2019.

How did the registration go?

8:00 AM pa lang ng Monday, nag-abang na agad ako sa website ng FarmOn for the opening.

But it opened at around 10:00 AM.

Nag-meet pa rin kami ni "Error":

But it was not as bad as I expected.

Bilang lang sa kamay kung ilang beses nag-error sa akin.

And I was done in less than 20 minutes.

Same pa rin ng process pero may isang nadagdag na step.

After adding products to cart, it still needs to be confirmed by placing the order.

You will know what I mean when you read further.

So I invested in Watermelon and Squash for this cycle.

Just be careful when you encounter the Error page because as for me, it doubled my order for Watermelon (this is the first product I added to cart).

My first attempt to add it to cart met an error page so I started again with the process of going to the Our Projects page and added it again to my cart.

It turned out that the first one succeeded though.

This is where the newly added process takes place and I think that is a good thing. (Or maybe this has been added already for the past 2 cycles and I was just not aware because I skipped that?)

When tapped on the View cart and place my orders, I have the option to delete products.

I just tapped on the X on the product's right side and it got removed.

So I continued on to add Squash (Growers) to cart.

And reviewed my chosen products.

Take note though that after choosing to Place my orders now!, you cannot add or modify your product request for the current cycle.

This will appear when you click on the Available button on the Our Projects page:

I received my contract the next day and I returned it signed that very same day as well.

Got a response from them the following day:

Ja? 😳 Si Ja Balat kaya ito? 😆 Part na ba siya ng FarmOn? Char
I revisited the site after a few days, and turns out hindi pa rin nauubos ang slot for Squash and Watermelon.

Mukhang marami nang FarmOners ang nagwithdraw ng funds nila? Or maybe nagtransfer na sa FarmOn 2.0?

Who knows?

But one thing I noticed sa farms nila....madali ng malaman kung saang farm ang mga crops dahil yun na ang nasa photos ng mga ito.

So hindi ko na kinailangang i-open lahat ng farms para lang makita kung anong products ang inooffer doon.

So far, this has been a better experience than the past cycles' opening.

I hope the returns will be better too. 😁


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