Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Disconnect Your Sky Cable Account

Since we only watch GMA and GMA News TV we finally decided to buy GMA Affordabox and to cut off our account with Sky Cable.

At least Affordabox is a one-time purchase only, and no further monthly charges to pay unlike Sky.

I don't think it is worth it to pay the monthly cable charges anymore since we only use it primarily to watch the news, and we watch on Netflix for other shows.

So yeah, based on my experience, it went smoothly.

I have already inquired with Sky about how to terminate our account back in November, so when we finally decided to do it, I just replied to our email with the required documents:

1. Letter of request signed by the Account Holder
2. One (1) scanned copy of the Account Holder's government-issued ID

Their email address is

Within the day, I received a response from them:

I replied to them asking this:

Then they informed me that our account was already disconnected and the digibox will no longer to pull out.

Does this mean our account was successfully terminated?

I will update this once I figured it is not done yet.

Because honestly I did not expect this to be that swiftly so I think there is still something going on. 🤔



  1. Hi! Quick question, if you are still within their lock in period, how much will be the payment? Recently upgraded my plan but their service still s**ks. I'm planning to terminate my account and switch to a new ISP.

    1. Hi Sienyll~! Based on some comments I've read in a Facebook group, termination fee is Php 4,000. I'm not sure if the amount still applies at present. Might be better to contact Sky and inquire. Thank you.


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