Sunday, October 17, 2021

BPI | Getting a Manager's Check

Last week was a very busy one for me.

I had to go out multiple times, it was a really productive week. 😄

First on the list was when we had to get a manager's check for the car.

The process is pretty simple and straight-forward, but the waiting time is no joke. 😑

But compared to BDO, I think BPI processes it faster, at least from my experience against a blog that I have read.

Based on the blog that I have read, he waited for more than 2 hrs in BDO after filling out the forms and getting verified by the teller, to get his check.


1. You will fill up the form that the teller will give you. 
2. She will ask for one (1) valid I.D. which she will photocopy.
3. Then wait for, I think, about 5-10 minutes and she will hand you over the manager's check.

That's it. Oh and there's a Php 75 fee.

The only thing that took us long is the waiting time before we get to go inside the bank.

Due to the pandemic, there is a limit as to how many people is allowed inside.

Everyone will have to wait in line outside.

There are 3 lines.

One for the special ones, yes, like VIPs...

Second for the new accounts and application, which is where we were queued up.

And third for the regular transactions.

The third one had the most people, but their transactions finish fast, so they just come and go.

The second line only has few, we were fifth, but my, I don't know why it takes ages for the first customer to finish. There were only two counters inside for our line, but only one of it is productive. 

You can imagine, all of us four in the waiting line were accommodated by the productive counter, while the other one....imagine, when  we arrived she was already serving that customer, and after our transaction, they are still there, chit-chatting about GCash and stuff...


So yeah, even though the processing did not take more than 2 hrs like BDO, but it was almost the same because we waited for 2 hrs outside in queue so I had to drop a note that I'm stuck at the bank and might be late logging in for work.

But since we were already there and we got the manager's check fast, I also inquired about my ATM card which I was not able to activate before the lockdown started last March 2020.

The temporary PIN was only valid for 48 hrs.

Fortunately, the teller said she can re-activate that same temporary PIN, and I should be able to change my PIN within 48 hrs.

Problem is, I did not bring that BPI envelope where the PIN was stored. 🤦‍♀️

But as long as I am able to find it and then I'm good.

I was able to change my PIN thru the ATM the next day before I went to my scheduled first jab. 😁


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