Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ClixSense | Update: Bad News and Good News

There were so many updates on ClixSense ever since I last posted my experience with it.

The first thing na I was concerned of, which I also included in my previous post, is the removal of PayPal as one of their payment method.

But they added Payoneer instead.

However, Payoneer's minimum cash out is $20 and the fee costs $2 fixed.

So ever since PayPal has been removed, I haven't cashed out yet in the hope that PayPal will be returned in the options in the future.

As for this month of July, a huge change on ClixSense occurred.

Uunahin ko na ang bad news.

The bad news (for me) is that on July 01, ClixSense has announced this (I will only post a little bit of it) :

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My E-book Had Its First Sale~!

Napakababaw talaga ng kaligayahan ko.

I published an e-book early last year on Lulu (which is available on their bookstore, on Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble's NOOK) sharing my techniques on how I survived Accountancy as a student.

Because you know, I was just a typical student who spent most of my time on leisure and fun.

In Accountancy, we balance things, we balance Debits and Credits.

It is (for me) mostly about balancing.

And as a student, we're at the age of exploring different things, we wanted to enjoy life and have fun, but at the same, makapasa sa lahat ng subjects [to pass all of the subjects], especially the major ones, at the end of every semester.

In my book, I shared how I balanced both without compromising anything.