Sunday, March 27, 2022

GCash | Locked Account due to 3 Failed Attempts

Just to clarify, I was not locked out from my GCash account, but my aunt did. Well I actually did it, with her account. 

Wait, what? 🤣

Anyway, have you ever failed to enter your correct MPIN 3 times and got locked out from your account?

Then you tried to forget MPIN but still got the security questions wrong?

There is a simple solution.

I was trying to log in with my aunt's GCash account to pay her postpaid bill earlier this March when I failed to enter the correct MPIN 3 times.

I don't know what has gotten into me that day as I was the one who created her account, got it verified and been maintaining it.

But I entered the MPIN wrong and when I remembered the correct one, it was too late.

So I tapped the "Forgot MPIN?", entered the authentication code and was given 3 personal questions relating to the account.

Given that I was the creator of that account, I should have known, and I thought I answered it right, but really no luck for me that day and got this message instead:

So I had to wait for 24 hours before trying again.

I forgot about it the following day, and it took me 2-3 days, I think, to reattempt again.

After days of forgetting, I finally remembered and instead of going through the "Forgot MPIN?" and whatknot, I tried to log in with the correct MPIN.

Lo and behold, I got in!

So yeah, guys.

If you got locked out from your GCash account, and resetting your MPIN through the security questions aren't helping you get in, and you don't want to queue on their hotline, leave your account for a few days untouched, and try to log in as you normally would after.

I guess it refreshes and automatically unlocks our accounts, not sure if it does after 24 hours, but it did after a few days for me.

If you're impatient, you can try after 24 hours and let us know in the comments section how it went.

Hope this helps~!


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