Tuesday, May 5, 2015

EPIC Fail : Creative Shot for Graduation Album

 So yeah,  I've been cleaning my room today when I found a picture frame.  This reminded me.  It's been 2 years since then, huh?  My "epic fail" creative shot.  (>_<)
This is what most of us graduating students are waiting for,  a creative shot where we can show them another side of us.  We can express what we like to do.  We want to be unique and shine with our own ideas.
And I'm no different.  My idea made me really excited.  This was the dress I decided to wear for my creative shot.
I was planning on making a levitation shot that is why I've been practicing at home even before the day of the pictorial.  But on the D-day,  it turned out to be very tiring for me.  Out of all the times I've jumped,  the photographer only got one photo of me on the air.  And since he can't get another one,  he just suggested that I strike another pose.  That surprised me.  All I thought was to get a good jump shot and choose from all of it that is why I haven't prepared any other pose.  So I just made whatever pose I thought of.  :/
But since I have the creative levitation shot on my mind, I still chose the only jump shot he got.
DSC_2954 s
I paid Php 250 (around $5.5) for additional background.  I told them that I want to have wings and on my hand is a shining light.  "Like a fairy tale." the man in charge of editing said.  I just replied "Yes".  So all is set.  All I have to do is wait for the printouts and soft copy on the date specified by our Graduating Class Officers.
To my surprise and disappointment,  this is what they gave me!
I just covered their studio's name below
I didn't have a wings and a shining light on my hand, but rather a BIRD in my hand?!  I guess that should be fine if ONLY it seemed that I let the bird flew away from my hand.  But it wasn't the case!  The bird, instead, is facing towards me?!  What kind of photo is this?
And on our graduation album,  I already expected that the background will not be available since the man in charge told me that additional backgrounds will not be printed on our album.  And yes, as I thought, it wasn't there when I looked at it.  But to my surprise again,  I saw some of my batch mates has their background printed on the album?!  What the?!  This pissed me off.  And my friends who saw my creative shot in the album kept asking me "What are you doing there?".  Oh yes!  How can they know what I'm doing if there is only a black background and me jumping and reaching something.  :/
Oh man,  and all I can do is cry for my money wasted.  But now that I look at it,  it seems funny to me.  This creative shot that surprised me so many times in so many ways.

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