Monday, February 27, 2017

Celebrate..Celebrate...For My Own Domain name, Let's Celebrate!

Finally, guys.

After a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g thought, I finally decided to get my own domain name.

You can now view my website as "". 😁

I searched a lot about this and I think this is the right time to do this.

Improving ba? Improving? 😄

This is only the beginning.

As I continue exploring the world of the internet, I will be posting here more frequently about my discoveries, experiences, learning and more.

And also, I will be improving this website, slowly, as I learn new things about web development and design.

Who knows? I might be able to finish developing my own website in the near future and share a lot of things that I can't do here due to limitations of their service.

I've been developing my own website for a while now.

I've been doing this manually, as in I am using the notepad for typing the codes that I've learned through free courses online.

Yes, it is tedious and that there are software available for download for web designs, but I have my own design pictured in my mind.

And I want to do it.

I am not in a hurry.

This is my own pace.

So I will do it.

If ever na makakita ako ng software na fit sa pangangailangan ko, then maybe I will consider that.

I know sobrang layo nito sa profession ko, but I enjoy doing this.

Now that I have my own domain name, parang lalo akong ginanahan. Haha!

Ang O.A. ko para lang sa isang custom domain, but nevermind.

I am just happy na nalabanan ko ang aking pessimistic na sarili this time.

So come on and celebrate! 😁

Pasensiya na at wala pa akong maibibigay na freebies sa inyo as of the moment para sa celebration kong ito.

Let's look forward to the future!

Peace y'all!

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