Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My E-book Had Its First Sale~!

Napakababaw talaga ng kaligayahan ko.

I published an e-book early last year on Lulu (which is available on their bookstore, on Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble's NOOK) sharing my techniques on how I survived Accountancy as a student.

Because you know, I was just a typical student who spent most of my time on leisure and fun.

In Accountancy, we balance things, we balance Debits and Credits.

It is (for me) mostly about balancing.

And as a student, we're at the age of exploring different things, we wanted to enjoy life and have fun, but at the same, makapasa sa lahat ng subjects [to pass all of the subjects], especially the major ones, at the end of every semester.

In my book, I shared how I balanced both without compromising anything.

No cramming for exams and also no skipping of galaan.

After publishing it, I was so excited to check my account every day to check if somebody has bought it (because you know, I was so inspired to share it).

But after a few months, I gave up on checking.

I was so frustrated to see kung paano langawin ang aking libro sa account ko.

Until I stopped checking on it.

I know, I know, I lacked marketing skills.

I wasn't able to market it.

Because I was too shy to share it on my Facebook timeline for everybody to see.

I was too afraid to be criticized or something.

I am open for constructive criticism (because I know it can help me improve) but I am too weak for negative comments (especially if it's just for hating).

I left everything to Lulu and eventually forgot about it.

Until I remembered it today.

I decided to check my account a while ago to see if it is still published or what.

To my surprise, somebody had bought my e-book!

Hosting Fees already deducted.

Maliit na bagay para sa iba.

Small amount para sa iba.

Pero dahil napakababaw ko, big deal na ito para sa akin. 😝

Especially I wasn't able to market it strategically.

Pinabayaan kong langawin doon ang pinaghirapan kong libro na hinugot ko pa sa experiences ko.

At na-realize ko pa ngayon kung gaano kaliit ang tingin ko sa sarili ko on how I priced my e-book.

But tulad nga ng sinabi ko sa aking ibang posts, I will take one step at a time.

Hindi ako nagmamadali.

Yes, sometimes I feel anxious and impatient.

But kailangan kong manalig at magtiwala.

Basta gagawin ko na lang sa araw-araw ang magagawa ko and let the future unveil itself.

Okay, back to werk. 😁

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