Friday, April 20, 2018

Vacation | From Camayan To Inflatable Island

Have you seen the Metrodeal promo for a Camayan Beach Resort getaway?

Yes! We've seen that too! And we grabbed it at a speed of light!

Our trip was set on the 14th of April and our plan was only to go to Camayan.

Since there were four (4) of us, we decided to sleep over at Clarisse's house the night before to save time from meeting up at dawn.

On the day itself, we arrived at Victory Liner's Cubao terminal around 3 AM and it was already packed with vacation goers.

Our bus ticket was numbered 0-8 while the bus loading passengers bound to Olonggapo was numbered 0-5. The fare is Php 207 each.

Picture muna while waiting for our bus.
From left to right: Me, Diane, Jussel, Clarisse

We were finally able to take the bus around 4 AM and arrived at Victory Liner's Olonggapo terminal past 7:30 AM.

Bumili na rin kami ng Andok's chicken for lunch. Hehe!

Since we missed to get off SM City Olonggapo where taxis going to Camayan are available, we had to ride a tricycle to bring us there (papuntang SM). The fare is Php 50.

We tried to bargain with the taxi driver to lower it down to Php 400 but they presented us with their so-called tariff so ano pa ba ang magagawa namin? Taxi fare is Php 450.

Sulit na rin naman ang P450 dahil malayo naman pala talaga and parang naging tour guide na rin namin si kuyang driver. It was around this time as well when we decided we'll go to Inflatable Island after Camayan. We also asked for kuyang driver's number so that we can also contact him when it's time to go home.

It's around quarter to 9 AM when we finally arrived at Camayan and we were welcomed by a l-o-o-o-o-n-g line outside waiting at the booth.

Wag nang i-post yung mga maaasim na mukha ng mga nakapila. Haha

We got in at 9:30 AM.

Nataon pa na may company outing ng araw na iyon so packed talaga.

We opted to bring our own mat na ilalatag na lang sa buhanginan.

Marami ring ibang naglatag na lang.

Since our mind was already set for Inflatable island, we did not avail any activity in Camayan.

Mostly pictorials and lamon to the max ang ginawa namin.

I was able to be one with nature lying on the mat we brought, looking up the tree leaves swaying in the wind. Charot!

Nilakad din namin hanggang sa dulo ng resort kung saan konti na lang ang tao para mas makapag-picture ang aking mga friends while I take some videos--yun pala restricted area na iyon kaya napaalis din kami kalaunan. Haha!

Oo, hindi matino ang pictures,
tulad ng may-ari ng blog na 'tong hindi rin matino.

There are signages posted about the months where stone fish, jellyfish, etc. are active for tourists' information and safety.

While eating our lunch, Diane contacted kuyang driver to bring us to Inflatable island.

He picked us up at around 1 PM and we reached Inflatable island around 2 PM. We paid him Php 700.

As expected, marami ring tao. Walang bakanteng locker at puno rin ang kanilang Bali lounge nang magtanong kami sa entrance.

We opted for the "Sprinkle" Php 499 (one-hour play pass).

Luckily there was a vacated seat in the pink lounge when we got in.

There was a brief orientation before the start time.

And boom, we started at 3 PM.

Napagtanto lang namin kung gaano kami ka-HINDI athletic. Haha!

Mga napagod agad sa kakatakbo sa umpisa pa lang but it was really fun!

Doon ko uli nalasahan ang alat ng tubig dagat na nanunuot sa labi hanggang sa ilong.

Doon ko uli naramdaman kung paano ba maglaro na parang bata ng walang magja-judge. Feeling close pa kami sa ibang nandoon kung makasigaw. Mapapa-cheer ka talaga sa kung sinuman ang sumabak sa obstacles.

The only thing that left a bad taste in our mouth is their water supply.

Pagkatapos naming ma-daing sa init ng araw at alat ng tubig dagat, darating kami sa C.R. nila para malamang walang tubig.

Iba't ibang klase pa ng "ooh-ooh" ang naglutangan sa mga toilet bowls. Doon sa isa basa, yung isa buo, yung isa kalat kalat sa paligid ng inidoro. I bet dahil yun sa hindi nila ma-i-flush dahil wala ngang tubig.

We ended up drying ourselves na lang and changing clothes without washing up.

Ngiti na lang kahit walang matinong banlaw.

Ang masaklap kung kailan paalis na kami around 5:30 PM, doon naayos ang connection ng tubig. Huhuhu!

Other than that, our whole-day experience from Camayan to Inflatable island is sure a good memory to remember.

We rode a bus in front of Inflatable island with a signboard "Olonggapo" since all of the blue jeepneys passing by are full. The fare is the same with the jeepney, Php 8.

Had our dinner first in Chowking (strategically across of Victory Liner terminal) since it will be a long travel going home as well.


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