Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day ❤

I really don't know how to start this blog post. 😅

There is a high chance I wouldn't make any sense so you may move on with your day. 

I already received his Valentine's gift last Friday.

Yes, two days early.

It is to avoid the volume of online orders, I guess, and to be able to get the complementary gift.

He sent us food from Conti's.

The meals are great, but the cake and dried flowers made it perfect. 

I love Cookieccino!

I like the combination of the sweetness of cookies and the bitterness of coffee, it really complements well.

Even auntie liked it.

This will be my second favorite next to Mango Bravo. 😋

Of course I have a gift for him too.

Still on the way though as of this writing.

Food is life you know.

And I appreciate two food services I frequent to.

His home is really far, Grab Food, etc. is not available in their area.

I got rejected multiple times from other services I found online, but fortunately, Runner Boy Urdaneta fulfilled my surprise for him last year, twice.

Even though the delivery address is already outside of Urdaneta, Pangasinan, they willingly accepted my order.

And doing it again today. 😊

The second one, I order almost weekly.

Feeling close na nga kami. Lol

It is a milk tea shop in their town which offers delivery as well.

He loves milk tea, so yeah. 

They have food in their menu too, and there are times they offer to buy us other food near them.

The effort, guys, the effort.

I really appreciate King's Tea for that.

I was actually drafting an emotional blog post for today but thought it wouldn't suit the occasion and I'd rather not ruin it.

So I hurriedly wrote this today para happy happy lang kahit I am not used to sharing this kind of stuff. 😆

Nakiki-Valentine's day lang.

Anyway, just spread the love and appreciate everyone no matter how much or little time you spend with them.

Quality is better than quantity.

Be content, avoid demands.

You never know what they went through to be able to spend those times with you.

Happy Valentine's day~ ❤


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