Sunday, February 21, 2021

Lazada | Fun Farm Update

So after my previous post about Fun Farm, there has been changes with the game.

And honestly, it is discouraging.

First change: Decrease in free fertilizer.

From three (3) free fertilizer daily, they decreased it to one (1).

This prolonged the harvest time.

If you are forgetful as me, you will only be able to harvest twice a day.

Second change: Tasks

The tasks kind of decreased and the rewards were changed as well.

For example, the 10 coins you get from reviewing products bought has been decreased to 5.

And the “Review all Products” which gives twenty (20) coins has been removed.

Positive changes with the tasks are 1) Fun Farm water you receive from completing tasks were increased from 3 to five 5; and 2) Watch a Livestream was increased by, uh, 1 coin, and there’s a daily login bonus when watching livestreams which gives additional 1-2 coins.

The third and worst change which just happened last Friday, February 19, was the significant decrease in the strawberries.

Before, it starts with 1,500 strawberries which is equivalent to 15 coins, and when you water it until it becomes 2,000 strawberries, a bonus of 200 strawberries will be added and you will get 22 coins once you harvest it.

Now, it starts with 500 strawberries which is only 5 coins!

Water it until it reaches 1,000 strawberries then you will get a bonus of 200 strawberries.

After 8 hours, you will be able to harvest 1,200 strawberries which is 12 coins.

Way below the starting point of the old Fun Farm.

It is now a Not-so-Fun Farm...

And what is more annoying is they just implement changes in the game however, whatever and whenever they please.

No notification or updates whatsoever.

What do you think about this change?

Were you affected as well?

Or I’m the only one who cares? Lol


From 500 strawberries, they increased it to 1,300 strawberries as the starting point this Saturday.

Water it five (5) times to reach 1,800 strawberries and it will give you the extra 200.

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  1. Back to starting 500 coins now they announcing big change to come and have nothing to buy


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