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GOMO | Data with NO Expiry! (Plus Smart's MAGIC DATA)

Are you also a person who registers for a data subscription occasionally or as needed only?

And that subscription expires with a lot of unused data?

High five! I am too. ✋

But you know what? 

Finally, there’s a data subscription that fits our lifestyle perfectly!

This has been my cycle and it is a shame the amount of unused data that expires because I only use it when I need to, as a backup, when there is power interruption or when PLDT is acting up.

So I was happy when I received a text alert from Smart about their MAGIC DATA offer.

Wait, my post is about GOMO so why am I talking about Smart all of a sudden, you might ask.

That is because that is how I came to know about GOMO when I became aware that there are now data offers that has no expiry.

So yeah, when I first heard about Smart’s MAGIC DATA, I immediately subscribed, well not that immediate because I was not really paying attention to it at the beginning and when I finally decided I am going to get it, I forgot to subscribe to it which was only available for a certain day.

When I received an alert again by the end of March, I took it.

I subscribed to MAGIC DATA 399 with 24 GB data (No Expiry) on 31 March.

As of this writing, two months after, the data left on the subscription? 

I still got 16.64 GB left. 😆

But just when I thought I got the best offer from Smart’s MAGIC DATA, I stumbled upon an ad of GOMO.

For Php 299, I can have a GOMO sim with 30 GB of data (No Expiry) which I can convert to calls and texts whenever I want to as well, free of shipping costs.

GOMO stands for “Go Out More Often”, which according to what I have read from Yugatech, was first introduced in Singapore by Singtel.

In the Philippines, it was launched last October 2020 by Globe Telecom.

How does GOMO operate?

As I quote from Yugatech’s post:

“GOMO calls itself a fully digital telco. What it means is that it’s a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It’s an entity that offers services similar to a mobile network operator (MNO) such as Globe and Smart but doesn’t own any radiofrequency. What happens is that the MVNO enters into a business agreement with an MNO so it can use the latter’s network for its services.”

If you’d like to read more about it, you can check out Yugatech’s article here.

So here in the Philippines, GOMO entered into a business agreement with Globe, and the network resources/bandwidth is shared among Globe network’s subscribers.

That is an important criteria if you are considering to buy a GOMO sim aside from if you are a Use-Data-As-Needed person.

Is the signal of Globe in your area good?

Or if the places you go to have a good signal of Globe as well?

If it is so, then this is a right fit for you.

As for me, the signal is decent so I decided to purchase one.

It is 5G ready as well (not yet on our area though).

I think my pocket wifi is LTE capable, I can't remember.

The speed is not that bad, but you will still prefer using your fibr of course (at least for me).

As what has been said, having a GOMO PH sim card doesn’t give you any technical advantage in terms of signal reception and download speeds. You’re just like any other Globe subscriber but with different perks or packages.

But based on Coach Jason's experience, he got a 120 mbps download speed while using GOMO compared to Dito! He is based in Cebu though..

As for me, I am getting the normal mobile data speed.

It is just that having multiple backup is better because Smart is a subsidiary of PLDT, so if PLDT is acting up, there is a high possibility that Smart will do too, so yeah baby yeah.

And I am after the "No data expiry" promo.

I purchased the GOMO sim via GCash.

You can buy it by opening the GCash app >> GLife >> look for GOMO on the list of partner merchants.

There are few options to choose from.

There is also 20 GB (No Expiry) for Php 199.

For me, I picked the GOMO 299 which has 30GB No Expiry data, 1x Sim card and has no shipping fee.

The transaction was very easy.

After I chose the product I want, I just had to fill in the shipping details below to checkout.

I confirmed the summary details below and proceeded to pay with GCash.

It got automatically deducted from my GCasah balance.

As per the payment summary, it will take 5 to 7 days to deliver in the Cainta area.

I purchased it on May 25, so I was expecting it to be delivered next week.

To my surprise, it got delivered the very next day by Entrego!

What you will firstly need is to install the GOMO app from the App store or Google Play store and register.

The registration is very straightforward so you can start using it in just a few minutes.

If you are going to use it primarily for pocket wifi, you will initially still need to insert the sim card on your mobile phone to set it up for the first time because you will need to input the OTP in the app.

So here is the registration process on the GOMO app:

1. Enter your GOMO number.

2. The verification code will be sent to your number, just input it on the next page (below photo).

3. Complete your personal details below.

4. Create your 6-digit PIN that you will use to log in the GOMO app.

5. You have the option to use your Biometrics to log in, which I skipped.

And you're done!

Don't forget to verify your email address by going to Account >> Basic Info.

Since I will use it with my Globe pocket wifi, I use two (2) apps to monitor it, the GOMO app and the Huawei HiLink app.

GOMO app to monitor the subscription’s status and basically everything about the sim, if I want to convert some of my data to text or call, how much data is left, etc.

And the Huawei HiLink app to monitor the pocket wifi’s battery and everything about the device, how much data was used, pocket wifi’s settings and tools, etc.

Sounds like a lot of work, but I just check it occasionally when I just feel like checking.

As checked today, I still have 27.85 GB out of the 30 GB data.

I haven’t tried the conversion of data to calls or texts yet but as a snippet, both have no expiry as well!

30 texts to all networks needs 0.2 GB to avail.

6 mins of call to all networks needs 0.4 GB to avail.

And, 50 texts + 5 mins to all networks need 0.5 GB to avail.

Man, for some this might not be worth it if they text or call so much, but for me this is heaven. 😆

Same with the data, if you are a heavy data user, you might not find this useful, but as for me, this is the offer that I have been looking for for so long.

This is just great.

The only downside of all of my backups are, if the power interruption affects the majority such as what happened last Tuesday.

The connection was very poor with either Smart or GOMO that time, and I think that is because majority of whatever service providers they might be, the services rely so much on power/electricity. I am not entirely sure how cell sites work.

So with the very thin power supply we have, no one was exempted.

And with that, I will buy another backup: cable for the the router during today’s 6.6 sale. 😆

Diane already suggested that to me but I haven't got the time to think it through until recently.

Back up pa more. 😃

With the nature of work that I do, I rely so much on electricity and internet, so I have to invest on that.

And hey, remember the portable air cooler that I bought some time ago?

Oh my, it came in very handy that time. 😄


Another reason I bought the GOMO sim is because I thought the MAGIC DATA offer was for a limited time only, but turns out just a few taps within the GigaLife App and I can still subscribe to it. 😅

Nonetheless, GOMO's offers are much cheaper with more data, and the option to convert it to text or call is a win for me.

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