Sunday, July 4, 2021

Quick Catch Up

Hello guys~!

It’s been a while. 

I was not feeling well for the past weeks which is why I haven’t been around here posting random things.

Before you conclude anything, this is not covid-19 related, okay? 😆

I was feeling dizzy and lightheaded even when moving slightly.

Just washing the dishes has been a challenge for me as it triggers it more when I’m looking down, literally.

Kapag yumuyuko ako, para na akong mapapasubsob.

I could only think of the following things that might have caused it:

1. My current lifestyle - I spend my weekdays in front of my laptop in the day, and gadgets (iPad/phones) at night and on weekends when I’m lazy to do anything. I sleep at midnight or extends up to 1:00-2:00AM playing games/watching videos with him, nahihirapan din akong makatulog kapag napalampas ko na kasi yung antok ko. I make sure though that I get enough sleep so I wake up at around 8:00 AM / 9:00 AM. Does it suffice somehow?

2. Cold baths - I stopped heating water for baths at around May or early June I think? It has been good for my hair and all, although I think its benefit of lowering blood pressure hasn’t been really good to me since my blood pressure is normally around 90+/60+ mmHg, so lowering it more probably caused this dizziness I’m feeling.

3. Eating raw tomatoes - this is healthy, don’t get me wrong. Due to the lifestyle I mentioned above, I had an acne breakout. When my dad saw my face, he advised me to eat tomatoes. I eat 1 pc every day for my skin health, but I’m guessing it also adds to lowering my blood pressure?

4. Dehumidifier - I bought it during the 6.6 sale and was delivered last June 10 but I wasn’t planning on using it in our current weather. It is for the future when the humidity level goes up again. I’ve only used it twice or thrice just to test it out for any defects so I can return it. I left it running in the room while I worked downstairs. There is this weird feeling when I entered the room though, it felt like my head is floating, I couldn’t really describe it accurately, parang feeling mo sabog ka kapag nasa loob ka ng room, samantalang according to the humidity level flashed on its screen, it ranged around 50%-60%.

All these plus that one emotional event has worsened the feeling, I guess.

It took me weeks to recover.

I still take cold baths and eat raw tomatoes, and I counter it by drinking more water, eating smaller meals and taking Spirulina before or after meals.

I’m still getting into the habit of sleeping early. 

Sometimes we get to sleep at 11:00 PM, but we still do sometimes extend up to 12:00 AM kapag humihirit pa sa laro but I am minimizing as much as I can the use of gadgets after work to avoid straining my eyes.

Tamang gamit na lang muna ngayon. And maybe I will look for a better glasses for extra eye protection. I don’t think my current glasses have blue light filter.

I really think that dehumidifier is the number one cause though. I use humidifier now in the room and slowly I felt better.

Right now, I still feel kind of lightheaded once in a while but at least not for the entire day as before.

I gotta be conscious with my health now since we are not getting any younger.

I was thinking I might have vertigo, but hindi naman ako nahihilo to the point na parang umiikot na yung mundo.

But yeah, I have to take care of my eyes as well.

Ang hirap mag-live healthy ah. So many things to take into consideration. 😅

Plus kailangan mag-ingat sa mga pinagbibibili online. 😅

Little by little, maiimprove din natin ‘yan.

Focus lang and discipline.

Let’s do this.💪

On a side note, Edward has joined us here in Woot woot! 🥳

I wonder what he will write about, but most probably it will be random and geeky stuffs about codes I think? Or maybe some random thoughts about life.

If you are into that kind of stuff, have a go at reading his future posts.

No definite plans yet. We did it on a whim. 😆

So he will just pop out some posts any time. 😜

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  1. Try to have your eyes check. Baka may grado na mata mo.


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