Sunday, November 7, 2021

Lazada | New Coins Tree & How to Access Fun Farm

Do you dislike Lazada's new coins feature: Coins Tree?

I do.

From the minimum of 5 coins that I get from Fun Farm every harvest, the new Coins Tree only gives 2 coins for checking in daily.

Coins Tree can be accessed by tapping on "Coins" beside "Home" in the topmost part of the homepage.

It has Gift Bags, from small to big, which gives some coins.

But you'd have to spend a specific amount of coins to open one.

I got 30 coins for spending 3 coins on the Medium Gift Bag. Not bad.

But you can't open Gift Bags whenever you want.

There is a specific level that you have to reach in your Coins tree to be able to open a Gift Bag.

The mission that Fun Farm have can also be accessed in Coins Tree by tapping on "Win More Coins".

Speaking of Fun Farm, it is not completely gone.

You can still access it by going to your Account:

And by tapping on "Coins":

And that's it!

I still prefer Fun Farm over Coins Tree, but I will check in on both daily since there is nothing to lose.

At least they let Fun Farm stay. 😅



  1. Hello, as of now, December 16, I can't access Fun Farm by going to Accounts --> Coins. Is Fun Farm completely gone? If not, how can I go to it? Thank you in advance :>>

    1. Hi, I just opened it now, 11:14 PM December 16, and I am still able to access it. I'm using Samsung A50s btw. I think it depends on the device you are using because it doesn't work when I tried with Samsung J7 Pro and iPad.


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