Sunday, December 19, 2021

Experience | Plant-based food

My cousin who turned to plant-based diet few years ago came by for my auntie's birthday last month.

He arrived Friday night and had prepared all the food you are about to see.

Well, everything was already cooked beforehand and he just had to reheat it (from Pangasinan ba naman ang ibiniyahe eh 😅).

First is Dinakdakan.

It was made from tofu, I think? Iba ang pagkakaalam ko sa Dinakdakan, pero itong luto niya ay malapit sa lasa ng Sisig.

Second is Caturay salad.

My memory of this when I was a child was may halaman kami nito sa gilid ng bahay na inaakyat namin para mamitas ng bulaklak niya para kainin ng matatanda, pero hindi kami kumakain noon. This was my first time na matikman siya.

Medyo may pagkamaasim, like pickles.

Third is the Bean-uguan.

It was intended to be like Dinuguan, but beans were used.

Mas prefer ko itong papakin kaysa ulamin.

Fourth is Veg Isaw.

Ugh, I can't remember what it was made of but this is one of my favorite along with the Barbeque and Chicken Inasal which were both made out of gluten.

I was not able to take a photo of the Inasal because it was a blockbuster, naubos agad.

Same with Barbeque, but you can see a glimpse of it at the back of the Isaw photo. 😆

Fifth is the Vellychon.

Guilt-free lechon it is!

Made from gluten as the "meat" and cornstarch as the "taba", with tanglad in the middle, this was the star of the night.

But dahil nabusog na kami sa dami ng handa, sa sumunod na araw na namin ito natikman.

Actually kasi tira na lang na hinanda namin ulit kinabukasan yung mga kuha ko, Lol! 

The actual night was full of stories and bond na hindi man lang namin nagawang kumuha ng pic together with my cousin, Kuya Rox.

What would you expect from me diba? Di pa kayo sanay? Haha

In addition to that is Ate Anne's Banana Bread specifically customised for Auntie.

Very yummy! 😋 All natural, and no egg.

Advance birthday celebration na lang ng Friday pagdating niya because he had to go back home the next day, Auntie's actual birthday, due to family commitments.

But he gave us a month's supply of plant-based food!

Watching the documentary "Game Changers" gave me a new meaning and view of the plant-based diet.

Who would have known Arnold Schwarzenegger is also into plant-based diet?

You would ask yourself after watching it, "Why am I eating meat?".

And plant-based diet does not mean you will eat plants as it is.

There are a variety of recipes with only plants as the ingredients, no meat, like the above photos I have shared, which you won't feel like you are sacrificing something with your meals.

After I have watched that, I felt conscious with eating meat as well.

I can't say I have completely eliminated it immediately from my diet, but medyo nabawasan lalo ang pagkain ko ng karne.

By the way, if you are interested with plant-based food but not sure where to start, the food from the photo were from my cousin's business: Haribowl Plant-Powered Grocer, and also from Good Food Vegetarian.

Haribowl is located in La Union, but if you are far from them, Good Food Vegetarian, located at Cubao, Quezon city, ships nationwide.

You can check out their Facebook pages here and inquire:

Haribowl Plant-Powered Grocer

Good Food Vegetarian

Haribol~! 🌱🙏

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