"Dropped like a Hatputito" came from what a friend of mine told me before.  He said he was "dropped like a hot potato" by someone he likes.  That girl came to him when she needed him and left after.

Parang ganto lang din 'tong blog para sa'kin. 

(That's how this blog is for me too) 

I come here when I need to or when I have an experience that I want to share. 

Parang kayo lang din. 

(Just like you guys too)  

Kaya naman kayo nandito dahil may kailangan kayo di'ba? 

(You're here because you need something, right?)

Tapos aalis din kayo kapag nakuha niyo na. 

(Then you'll eventually leave after getting it)  

Or pwede ring wala kasi kayong napala.

(Or maybe because you gained nothing)

😑 #Hugot 😜

Leaving comments, questions and suggestions are free and will be much appreciated.

Or you can just "Drop me like a Hatputito" 😂

About the author:

Aside from this blog, I have a YouTube channel where I upload random videos (yes, I stick to my style of being random).

Just a normal potato living a normal life.

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