Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Buying at Payless.ph - How was it?

(This was drafted way back in December 2016.  Sorry for publishing it late, I forgot!)

I saw Payless' ad of its website while I was just randomly scrolling on Facebook.

This was a nice coincidence since I was really planning to buy a new heels that I'll wear for my pamangkin's upcoming wedding on the 29th of December 2016 as a guest.  And one of my choices is going to a Payless store because their shoes have half sizes. (my size is 7.5 x'D)

Luckily I found this fringe heel originally priced at P 1,950, now on sale (P 390) on their website!

Without hesitation, I added it to my cart and proceeded to checkout.  I choose to checkout as a guest and paid using the remaining amount on my Prepaid Visa.

Oh and it has a fixed shipping and handling fee of P 200.

This was actually a trial if they will accept my prepaid visa as a payment.  I've tried using this on Lazada and Shipping Cart before, but my payments were declined.  I've found out on Lazada that the reason may be because my virtual visa card wasn't issued locally.

But I still tried it on this one.  Its expiration is coming near, I have to fully spend it or it will just go to waste. x'D

After I filled up everything and submitted it for verification, I waited for their email confirmation (but as negative as I am, I was actually expecting for their email informing me that my payment has been declined. LOL!)

I ordered this on December 18.  And the only email I received was something like my order is currently being processed.  So yeah, maybe I'll still wait for the verdict if my payment was accepted.

2 days has passed (it's December 20 already), I still haven't received any update about my order so I emailed them (custserv@payless.ph).

An automated reply was sent to me shortly, informing me that they received my email.

After around 30 mins, I received an email from their representative named Mike informing me that my order is currently being processed and that I could expect my package to be delivered on or before January 4, 2017 if everything is in order.

Does that mean my payment has been accepted?  I still am not sure because I still haven't received an email confirmation for my payment so I replied to him, asking him if does he have any idea how long the processing of my order takes because I've read in their FAQ that " All orders are processed immediately after payment has been confirmed".

Mike then replied, advising me that their delivery lead time for areas within Metro Manila is a maximum of 5 business days and 10 business days for provincial areas, excluding weekends and holidays.

I was like, nooo, that's not what I am askingggg. x'D 

So I replied again telling him that yes I am informed about it and clarified that what I am asking is how long does the processing takes before my order is shipped because I understand that the delivery time he's talking about is from the time the order is shipped to the shipping address.

I'm not even sure if my payment was accepted because I haven't received a confirmation of it.

(Sorry, I'm kind of anxious because I've been declined in Lazada and Shipping cart multiple times.  First I will receive an email that my order has been confirmed, and the next email is always a rejection of my payment via my virtual visa card.)

So I want to make sure about this one. The 29th is coming near and if my payment has been declined on this, I will just go directly to their store to buy one.

I forgot to check again my email.

Come the next day, December 21, a man was knocking at our gate.  When I looked out the window, he said "Footwear". xD

"Oh, from Payless?" I asked.

He nodded, so I came out.

It's packaged in an "aCommerce" box.

I was a little hesitant because yesterday that I talked to Mike thru email, my order's still being processed, but I looked at the receiver's name and address, and it's really me.

This is it, pancit!

In fairness, ang techy, I signed thru the phone. x'D

And I got photographed with the box (just like in FedEx).  Ni walang ayos-ayos, dahil hindi ko ito in-expect. Haha!

So this is what the delivery man was talking about when he said "Footwear".

I checked the content and it's really the fringe heel that I ordered!

Please excuse the shadows.  I really suck at photography. x'D

That's when I remembered to check my email. (Dummy hatputito!  You just realized it now?)

There I saw that Mike replied yesterday around 5:00 pm.  He said that as he checked, my order has been shipped via aCommerce!

He gave me the duration of the delivery for Metro Manila and outside, and also my tracking number which I can track on aCommerce's website.

They accepted my prepaid visa! Yay! (Yes, dummy hatputito, and your order is now here!)

That was fast, I can say.

I ordered on the 18th (Sunday, which shall be processed the next day), and it arrived on the 21st (Wednesday).

Am I satisfied?  Of course I am!  They accepted my prepaid visa which was declined by others, and my order came long before the said date of delivery, January 4.  And it can now serve its purpose, which is for my pamangkin's wedding on the 29th.


Oh, and I emailed Mike to thank him for answering all of my queries. 😃

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