Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to Pay Your Manila Water Bill Using GCash App

Alright, I will go straight to it since I presume you already have your GCash account.

1. Go to Pay Bills in your GCash App.

2. Select Utilities.

3. Choose Manila Water.

 4. And enter the amount you are going to pay [adding decimal numbers are fine, I tried it 😊] and your CAN - Contract Account Number, which can be seen in your Billing Statement.

Hit the Next button. A notice about service providers charging fees will appear, just hit Confirm. [As what I have experienced, I was not charged any other fees upon paying our Manila Water bill. 🙌]

5. You will be redirected to a Pay Bills Successful! page and you will receive a confirmation message in your mobile phone number.

That's it!

~ Medyo elibs ako kasi first time kong magbayad gamit ang GCash, hassle-free at mabilis lang. 😁


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.


  1. Hi. Question lang since first time ko gamitin ung gcash ko mag bayad ng water bill. Paano mo malalaman na posted na yung payment mo? Aside sa txt message na matatanggap after mo mag bayad using gcash may matatanggap ka pa ba na message or ayan n yun? Thank you.

    1. Aside from the text message, kung finill up-an mo rin yung email address sa payment page, makakareceive ka rin ng GCash receipt sa email mo at may option ka rin na idownload yung receipt sa successful payment page. (Wala ito sa blog post kong ito dahil nadagdag lang ang mga iyon after ng post kong ito)


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