Friday, September 29, 2017

MarketGlory | An Online Game with Real Money

Have you ever wanted to play games and earn at the same time?

Well, I found one for you!

MarketGlory is an economic, political, social and military simulator where you can use your local currency into your benefit. [As what the site says.]

There, you can work, fight other players, set up companies, run for government, gain military ranks and build your own organization.

The road to success in MarketGlory is achieved through a personal strategy by each player in the community. There is no time limit, some will reach objectives sooner than others. It is important to be present in MarketGlory and develop something that gives you satisfaction in this game. Success is the result of an activity which is based on action and perseverance. In every field of life, those who do not give up will certainly reach all their goals. [Again, as what their site says.]

As a beginner, you will start with nothing, except:

1.00 - Energy
1.00 - Experience
1.00 - Knowledge

All you can do on your first day to earn something is to work and fight.

I do not recommend to invest real money here while you are still starting.

The beginner's strategy is to go to work first.

Working takes 8 minutes.

The computation of your wage depends on your productivity which is calculated as follows:

Your productivity is: (Energy + Experience + Knowledge) / 3

Given that all of your Energy, Experience and Knowledge are at 1.00, so your productivity will be 1.00.

You can see in the Workplaces all of the available jobs, starting from the company with the highest wage.

The highest displayed wage as of this writing is Php 180.80.

The formula for your wage is:

(Displayed Wage x Your Productivity) / 1000*

(Php 180.80 x 1)/1000 = Php 0.1808

*The 1000 is the maximum productivity

Also, working will give you 0.7 Experience points [this will increase when you get some active referrals in the future].

So after working, you will now have:

1.00 - Energy
1.70 - Experience
1.00 - Knowledge

By the way, you can only work once every 24 hours.

Next thing that you can do on your first day is to fight.

As a starter, only fight the Trainer [he is usually on the last page of the list to fight].


Because you will always win against him.

The basis on who wins the fight is your Energy level.

To increase it, you will have to buy foods, goods, etc, but you still can't since you do not have enough money yet, so just fight the Trainer.

The computation of your earnings will be based on your Energy level and Fight Bonus provided by the government of your country.

As of this writing, the Fight Bonus is at Php 20.00.

So to compute your earnings upon winning a fight, see this:

(Your Energy / 100*) x 20

*Maximum that Energy can reach

So as a starter, you will earn [(1/100) x 20] = Php 0.20.

A fight lasts for 10 minutes, which you cannot open a new fight until it ends.

You can fight 10 times per day.

That gives you Php 2.00 for 10 fights and a total of Php 2.1808 for your first day.

Looks discouraging to start with, right?

But as you go on day by day, your earnings will increase depending on your strategy in this game.

For your first day, let us just start with this.

Oh, but before I forget, for every earnings you make, part of it goes to your master and the government, which totals at 35% of your earnings.

So basically, only 65% of your earnings goes to you.

Your master is the one who referred you to the game, if you signed up using his referral link.

If you signed up on your own, your master will be the admin.

He, whoever you chooses between the referrer or the admin, will be your master for your first 100 days in the game.

After that, you will be available in the Referral fights wherein other players can fight you, and if he wins, he will be you master for 1 day or 30 days [if he blocks you].

Oh, and when you work for 3 consecutive days, you will also receive a Work Bonus from the government.

The Work Bonus provided by the government, as of this writing, is at Php 1,000 and your bonus is computed depending on your productivity.

Just have some tour with the website and you will discover more and will be able to plan your strategy.

With regards of the withdrawal, you can withdraw your money by converting it to Euro.

Read this:

As for me, I have not withdrawn Euro yet from the game. [I keep spending my Gold for something else instead of converting it to Euro.]

But surely I will post one if I do, in the future. 😊

Before I end this post, if you want me to be your master for your first 100 days in the game, feel free to sign up using my referral link here.

If not, admin will be lucky to have you. 😢

You can also search me in MarketGlory, hatputito is my name.

Feel free to chat me there also.

Really, I would have loved it to tackle everything I know in this post, but I do not want to overwhelm you with so much information, so this is all for now~

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