Friday, February 16, 2018

SKK Chronos Ace+ | How Was It After 1 Year?

Around this time last year, February 14 to be exact, I received my SKK Chronos Ace Plus phone bought from Lazada.

You can see my first hand experience of it here.

Sure it faced some difficulty but how is it exactly doing up until now?

So far, after that one time noise problem, it did not happen again.

I have factory reset it once. It was because it went on a boot loop which was only resolved by resetting it.
Since I am using it more frequently than before, I need to charge it daily already unlike before where the battery life lasts for days.

For long months I was taking videos in high quality but just recently discovered that it has fine quality.

In fact, it has four choices: Low, Medium, High and Fine.

Although I don't see much difference, it just consumes higher storage in my opinion.

The camera quality is still as it is considering the fact that I have already dropped it twice. Since I bought this in a really cheap price I expected it to be easily damaged.

The phone case which a lot of people are complaining about is still okay. 

Although I broke a side of it when I stuffed it in my overly filled bag when I was travelling to Pangasinan last January.

I also got used to the malware/app that is pre-installed in the system since it is already there and it is disabled anyway.

Once in a while there are apps which automatically installs itself when I connect to the internet.

Avast detects it as malware and I just click on the resolve button to uninstall them.

I am training myself to update Malwarebytes' database often to prevent these kinds of unwanted installs on my phone.

All in all it is still in good shape and I have not experienced further problem aside from the ones mentioned above.

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