Friday, February 9, 2018

VA Bootcamp | Finally Finished!

After more than two (2) months of taking the course, I finally finished the VA Boot camp last February 2 and done with the Accelerated lessons on February 7.

Now it is time for me to apply what I have learned and get a job!

The question is, what did I even learn?

It feels like I have not retained anything in my mind.

I am too focused on worrying and being anxious that it feels like I did not learn anything even though I listened and watched every video religiously.

I do not want to be too dramatic since I am still starting out and have not even experienced failure from this or even being rejected from sending proposals or getting interviewed.

But just thinking about it makes me too emotional, specifically, fear.

I have said those fear in my previous post already so I won't enumerate it here again.

But that is sinking to me again right now.

This is what my brother is always telling me to improve at, me being too emotional.

And me being too pessimistic.

The worst has not come yet but I am already expecting it.

But you know why I always do that?

Because at least if the result is better (even just a little) from what I have been expecting (which is the worst) then it somehow makes me happy.

Unlike others who always expect the best and when they do not get it, they get disappointed or just say "Pwede na rin" but still feel dissatisfied.

I have been quiet for a while now, literally.

Or I just speak occasionally.

But when things sank into me as I was about to write this post, I cried. Lol

Maybe because I was keeping it all in that when reality struck me, I got too emotional again.

Man, I really need to improve at keeping my emotions in control.

I must be the one controlling it and not the other way around.

So back to reality, I must now face the fact that I need to do what the boot camp has taught me and get my first frickin job as an online freelancer.

I may get into a virtual assistant job or maybe an accounting-related job, who knows?

If I may be honest, I am more comfortable doing accounting-related jobs, specifically bookkeeping and generating financial reports (except tax-related) than a virtual assistant job.

That is mainly because I feel like my knowledge is still limited about being a VA and most of the virtual assistant jobs have "calling clients" associated with it.

Honestly, I suck at it as well, conversing with others, especially this job I will be conversing in English.

I am more comfortable talking through chat than talking verbally.

But I do not want my precious Php 7,191 to go to waste so I will do this thing and get my money paid back.

I do not know how well I will do but I will find out when I start this hunting game.

Yes, hunting game.

You hunt for potential clients and send proposals and cover letters to get an interview.

Job hunt para sa iba pero nag-iinarte lang ang lola nyo ngayon. Hahaha

I just thought that if I will label this as a hunting game, then it will feel like I am in a game.

Not that I will just play around and not get serious but there is this term we use as "game-mode".

When I am in a game mode, I am focused only on that.

When the game is over, I will be back to reality like o-k-a-a-a-y.

Not that online freelancing is not a reality, but rather it is a virtual reality for me, just like the games that I play, their world has its own reality.

If I learn to separate my freelancing world from my own little world, then somehow I feel like I can keep my emotions at bay and not get too frustrated if something does not turn out well in my freelancing world.

Okay, I am in my weird self again, but let us just say that this is how I will balance things out considering my weakness of being too emotional which hinders me from doing what I am supposed to do.

Coach Jason always taught in the boot camp to be confident.

That I have taken all the lessons and did all the assignments so I must keep in mind that I know how to do it, I have experience with it and can do it right.

It did have a lesson about creating a winning cover letter in sending proposals and acing interviews.

It did have a mock interview as well.

In my point of view, everything you need in getting an online job was laid out in the course smoothly.

Now the result will now depend on how we apply it and how our mindset is.

Most of my 'classmates' I see in the group are very optimistic or so how I see it about how they share their stories.

They have failed so-o-o many times and others even spent months of applying before getting their first job.

But the end result is mostly the same, them getting where they want to be.

Financially we differ (depende na yun sa client na mabibingwit mo).

But we share the same lifestyle that we want.

Being at home with our family while working.

And unconsciously, we are helping in lessening the worsening traffic here in the Philippines by working at home. Lol

Nakiki-'we' naman ang lola niyo kahit hindi pa nakakahanap ng trabaho. Hahaha

But I am ironic in that way.

I am pessimistic at what I might face in the future but I am already imagining the finish line as well.

Yes, I am expecting failures since I am still starting out, I may be rejected, frustrated or embarrassed (kapag nagkalat ako) in my coming future experiences but I am seeing myself too, like my other classmates, where I will be standing in the end, which is the place and lifestyle that I have been wanting for so long.

For now, this is my only update about the course: I finished it finally!

How effective it will be, I will find out as I take on this road to online freelancing, work from home road map.

Medyo nakaka-pressure dahil pinangalandakan ko dito sa blog ko ang tungkol sa pagkuha ko sa course na ito.

At ayokong manghinayang sa binayad ko para matuto.

So I will definitely do my best para mabawi ko yung investment ko sa sarili ko.

No promises though.

I will just do what I can.


You can check out my VA Bootcamp journey here:

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