Friday, June 22, 2018

SKK Chronos Ace Plus | Malware Apps Automatically Installs

This is getting out of hand.

Before, I just thought that frequently updating Malwarebytes' database will prevent apps from installing itself on my SKK Chronos Ace Plus phone.

But recently, I figured that every time I change my phone's internet connection, like for example I am always connected to Wi-Fi #1 and now connects to Wi-Fi #2, apps are automatically installed on my phone, especially a Messaging app (not the Facebook one) and Clock, and these:

  • com.white.configs.vendor

Or when I access Settings, they automatically install as well.

This is bothersome and annoying as permission pops up when they are installed.

It has not been a secret that I've been experiencing this ever since, but as the installation frequents, it really is becoming a trouble and I feel very NOT secured using my phone with my account details in this situation.

Also, I'm guessing the Search app which has already been disabled because it has been detected as malware, is one of the culprit, but I can't confirm for sure.

My option is to go to a SKK mobile store and have this issue fixed.

But will it be really fixed? Not sure but I will check if there is a SKK mobile store near us and see if they can resolve it.

I have searched some troubleshooting like how to uninstall a system app (because Search is one) but I am not that knowledgeable enough to do it. I'm scared. Lol

So yeah, I will just use this phone for basic purposes.

And use the Lenovo phone that I inherited from my dad for other important matters for the time being.


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