Friday, June 29, 2018

An Epic Fail Birthday Party Surprise!

By reading just the title of the post, my loyal reader already knows this post is for her. HAHAHA

Last June 06, our dearest Diane "Tine Abrera" Cosejo turned 25. (Yes, may link yan sa blog niya para ma-stalk niyo siya 😜)

Gitnang gitna naman kasi ng weekday-workday natapat ang birthday niya, Wednesday it is, kaya lahat kami kumakayod ng araw na yun.

But the night before, I was informed by Jussel about the plan to surprise her after work.

The scenario would be:

Since Diane and her family will prepare a birthday celebration on Saturday, Clarisse would offer some birthday party decors para bongga ang background and she'll ask her to come to her condo to get it the next day, her exact birthday. (This convo happened Tuesday night)

Everything was uncertain: Diane couldn't confirm if she could come, so the surprise has a chance to go to waste. I am uncertain too if I could log off early that day from my work. During the day itself, all is uncertain but Jussel got off to work early to buy some balloons and of course, as she's working with Red Ribbon, a cake!

I was able to log off from work around 6:15 PM and nagmadali pa ako noong makaalis dahil nasa Marikina na lang pala si Diane noon.

Mahigpit na bilin pa naman ni Madam Jussel dapat nandun na ako bago pa dumating si Senorita. 😆

Hiningal ang lola niyo dahil pareho na kaming nasa biyahe ni Diane ng mga oras na iyon at kailangan ko ngang maunang makarating.

Fortunately, yes, I was able to arrive earlier than her.

A simple dinner for us four was laid out on the table and there were balloons and a "Happy Birthday" sign on the mirror.

We're just waiting for her to notify Clarisse if she's near yet and we'll light up the candles on the cake.

Then the surprise went downhill from there. 😂

You might have to pause the video every now and then to get what's happening. 😂
And to read some side comments. 😝

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  1. Bad it failed but personally I really love surprise parties. The charm that you see on your loved one’s face by seeing your surprise party arrangements is just incredible. Last year, I also hosted a surprise party on my parent’s anniversary. I had booked the Venues in NYC for this party.


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