Friday, September 28, 2018

Experience | From P1.8K to P2.4K Phone

Graaaagh! I've had enough of SKK Chronos Ace Plus' malware and decided to upgrade to a more reliable phone.

As you may have read my blog posts about my experience on SKK's budget phone, I can't deal with the intrusive malware anymore.

It just makes me feel uncomfortable using it with my accounts logged in so I decided to buy a new phone and just use SKK for games and reading manga. Magkakasundo sila ng mga popup ads ng mga yun.

Luckily, I found a new option to change my phone with. And it is a major jump on cellphone brands, my friends.

From SKK Chronos Ace Plus to Apple's iPhone 6~!

But! Before you criticize me for what I said with Apple when I bought my SKK phone, let me tell you that I still am not willing to spend so much money for a phone.

I only spent P2,400 to get my new iPhone.

Yes, you read it right. P2,400. From spending P1,800 for SKK to spending P2,400 for an iPhone.

At hindi po ito galing sa magna. Haha

I got it from Globe's new offer on The Plan 999.

And nope, it is not me who got the plan though.

It is my aunt whose plan has expired last July 2018 and was planning to upgrade grabbed the offer.

Luckily, she doesn't need a new phone since she's got iPhone 6S, so heto na ang lola niyo, mabilis pa sa alas kwatro, suggested that since she's going to upgrade to Plan 999, why don't she choose the one with iPhone 6 as a freebie and I will just pay for the P2,400 cashout, dahil ang dami kong issues sa phone ko kako.

And that's how I got it. Tee-hee~!

It's a win-win between us since she was able upgrade to a plan she likes and within her needs (with lots of consumables, Unli All-Net Text, Unli Calls to Globe/TM, 4GB Mobile internet + 1.5GB *can't remember which freebie she chose*) and I was able to get a reliable phone within my budget.

So far, it's been more than a month since I jumped to Apple.

I got this last August 18 and the process went smoothly, from getting a ticket number to being guided by their good-mannered staffs in SM Megamall's Globe Store.

I was worried at first that what if they don't have the phone in their branch? I was thinking which phone would be my second option?

And that's actually what I first asked when I got attended to. I asked if the iPhone they are offering in The Plan 999 is available. And the staff confirmed!

I've read a lot of negative comments on Globe's FB page about people's application for the Plan 999 getting denied, but I saw something almost all of them who are complaining have in common......they applied only through the internet, online.

If I may suggest, it is better to go straight to the nearest branch and apply for it.

But since it's been more than a month now, I wonder if that phoneis still available in the options.

Check out Globs's website first and see if it still available. And if you decide to get their plan, better do it in their physical store than online. Much faster processing and surebol makukuha mo aga that same day. Very accommodating pa (I'm only talking about the branch I went to, not all. Lol).

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