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Experience | Color Manila Run 2019

Another new experience~!

After months of waiting and preparation (been jogging/walking at Marikina Sports Center every Friday to condition my body for the run), Color Manila Year 7 has finally come! It was held last 06 January 2019, Sunday, at the SM MOA Event Grounds.

But before I share my experience with the event itself, let me share the registration we've gone through too.

It took us a while to finally decide to join the run, and when we've finally decided, the early bird rate was already past, so we had to pay the regular rate on 08 November 2018.

Since Clarisse, Diane, and I are first-timers, we chose the shortest distance for adults which is the 3K run.

Jussel, being her 2nd time, took long to decide between 5K and 10K but decided to settle for 5K.

When registering for a group, only 2 payment options are available, either Credit Card or PayPal.

Since nobody volunteered to use their credit card, I created a new PayPal account and funded it for our registration fee. (I don't want to risk my main PayPal account eh. Takot ako. 😆)

*All of the screenshots I will be sharing with my experience with the registration were taken from the PDFs I printed, so the look might be different when you register on the site. Iba ang itsura siyempre. But you get the point, that's what's important.*

We chose the Rockstar category for the freebies...

These are the fields I had to fill in for each of us:

Medyo all over the place yung pics. Every step of the registration, I printed it to PDF
instead of taking screenshots, so this is a screenshot of the PDF I printed. Huh? Yes.
Process it until you understand what I said. Lol
As you can see, the Rockstar category has drawstring bag, finisher's medal (if you're able to finish it), color packet (which will be given after the run, you'll know why as you read further), headwear, sunglasses, and the t-shirt (you can see the measurements of each size as you choose).

There are 2 options provided for the claiming of our kits: delivery option or claim it from the claim venue. But actually, the delivery option wasn't available in our case. When I clicked on the drop-down list, only the "I will claim it from the claim venue" appeared.

We only had 2 date choices: December 01 or 02, and there are choices for the time as well.

We chose 02 December, Sunday, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

After filling in the details for each one of us and clicked on Next, the next page shows the summary of our details...okay na sana eh, but when I double-checked, all of our emails were changed into my email. 😳 But I just overlooked it because I think it's a glitch. (I made sure to fill in our details correctly eh.)

Then I chose to pay with PayPal.

And after the payment, I was redirected to the confirmation page where the summary of our details was again laid out. Okay na rin sana eh, but aside from each email being changed to my email, even our Emergency contact person was all changed to Diane's Emergency contact person! And that's her sister. 😆 So pinag-usapan na lang namin na huwag kaming magpapa-injure sa mismong event or else siya ang tatawagan ng lahat. Hahaha

And true enough, after the confirmation, I received all the successful registration of each in my email.

And there, we're finally registered!

Come 02 December, we arrived at the claiming venue earlier than our scheduled time, around 11:30 AM I think?

Before lunch andun na kami.

It wasn't hard to look for the claiming venue as you would see this big set up on the road itself.
Just go straight to the tents in the middle (the white roofs behind), and you'll see them.

We asked if we can claim it na and the staff said yes so we got our queue number and waited for it to be called. Separate ang number for Single and Group.

It didn't take long for our number to be called and get our kits (hiningan lang kami ng I.D. isa-isa bago ibigay ang aming mga kit.)

Drawstring bag, sunglasses, headwear, t-shirt and race bib.
Now, all we have to do is wait for the event to come. 😁


And! Last Sunday, 06 January 2019, our long wait's finally over.

Diane and Jussel stayed over our house on Saturday night para sabay-sabay na kaming bumiyahe ng madaling araw. Unfortunately, Clarisse wasn't able to join us due to family reasons.

As per the schedule, Jussel's run will start at 5:40 AM, and ours will be at 6:10 AM.

But we should be there in our set assembly time. Jussel's 4:30 AM and ours is 5:00 AM.

Dahil majority sa'min ay 5:00 AM, dumating kami sa ganoong oras. Haha

And around 20 minutes before the 5K runners' gun start, there was a warm-up exercise.

Tapos ayun, nauna na si Jussel kasama ang kanyang mga ka-officemate. Haha

Hi Jussel! Kung nasaan ka man diyan.
Diane and I left our bags sa baggage counter muna and nagloiter na lang sa event ground while waiting for our turn.

The hosts are there to keep the runners alive din naman.

Then 20 minutes before the 3K runners' gun start, we had our warm-up exercise as well led by the trainers from Anytime Fitness.

Dalawang trainers yung sumunod sa kanya. I wonder why I don't
have photos of them sa phone. So ito na lang munang nauna.
Gawd, hiningal ako doon guys. Hindi pa nag-uumpisa ang run namin, napagod na ako. 😅

Medyo lumiliwanag na when it's our turn.

And it has begun!

Puro selfie sila ano? 😄
There were 2 fire trucks situated ahead of us na nambabasa ng mga runners na dadaan.

Nung una nakailag pa kami ni Diane eh, but the second one, we were cornered. 😆

Buti mabilis matuyo yung uri ng tela na ginamit sa t-shirt, so medyo tuyo na siya when we reached the first color station (that's just what I call it), the pink station.

Wisik wisik lang ang tinamo ko.

Konting lakad pa and we reached the second color station, the yellow one. Para akong hangin na dumaan sa gitna, wala man lang nagsaboy sa akin ng color powder. 💔

After the U-turn, there's a hydration station that gives cups of water for the runners.

Then we passed by the green station followed by the blue station.

This photo was taken after the green station, I think?
Tingnan niyo naman yung iba, binabad na ata nila ang sarili nila sa color powder. Hahaha
Next year, baka magswimming na rin kami doon.
Yun na pala yung last station and naglakad na lang kami hanggang makabalik sa Event Grounds around 7:00 AM. (Nagjog naman kami in between)

Nang makarating na kami sa finish line. Actually finish lang, walang line. 😝

Note: Diane avoided all the color stations because she forgot to bring an extra shirt. 😆

When we arrived, we headed to the Finisher's Medal tent to claim our medal, on its left is the Color Packet's tent so we claimed our packets too, and on the right is the Hydration station where we got our free bottled water.

There are lots of sponsors' tents as well. One of them is the Vitamin Boost which gives free drinks. Siyempre pumila kami doon. Haha

Monster Energy Drink is giving free drinks in a cup as well. We tried it and ang lakas niya, mga pre. Gising ang kaluluwa mo dito.

We checked other tents, but it didn't catch our interest (except for Baskin Robbins, kaso nanghihinayang akong gumastos. lol)

So we just sat on the ground while waiting for Jussel to come back from the run and waited for the after-run party which will be at 8:00 AM (this is where we will use our color packets).

The music is lively and may sarili kaming mundo so it was not boring at all.

Hindi ba, Diane? 😆
May nambabadtrip ata sa kanya sa Messenger kaya ganyan ang itsura niya. 😝
There are other fun activities in the center stage, but we just chose to sit back and relax and watch.

Just like this Dance Showdown of groups na one of the prizes is a GoPro.
Dignidad mo nga lang ang nakataya. Hahaha
Finally, we're complete! And mukhang sinalo ni Jussel lahat ng color powder sa daan. 😂

The After-run party has started after a few minutes and we all gathered near the stage. This is when we'll use the color packets.

This time, wala nang takas si Diane. Hinawakan ko siya ng mahigpit para hindi siya makaiwas.

Mukhang labag pa sa kalooban niya ah. Haha

Here's the countdown na sinabayan ng beats from the DJs:

Side note: I am the one holding the green color packet in the left corner of the screen and I apologize with my whole heart to the girls I bombarded with the powder. Sorry! But I can't stop laughing as I watch my hand with all its might blessing all of you with the color powder. 😂 You can even hear someone saying "Ang paet (pait)!" at the end of the video. ✌️

Now you can see how filled with green powder my right arm is after I wreaked havoc with it. Nangawit ang lola niyo. 😅

And nadumihan din si Diane, sa wakas, pero konti lang....

All in all, this was a great, fun, and memorable experience!

Mas napagod pa ako sa warm-up exercises kaysa sa mismong run.

Mas naligo ako sa color powder sa After-run party kaysa sa color stations during the run.

Mas maikli ang itinakbo namin dito kumpara sa itinatakbo namin sa Sports Center. 😅

But we really enjoyed it!

Obvious ba?

And we're already looking forward to the next run, and this time.....we will make sure to get the Early bird rate and come in complete attendance. 😁


Hopefully next time, mas gawing visible at dagdagan ang trash cans.

Ang trash can lang na nakita ko was beside the baggage counter and beside the Tough Mudder tent.

So iniipon muna namin ang basura namin then saka kami nagpupunta doon.

Unfortunately, some runners were lazy and left their garbage on the ground. ☹️

Hindi po ang mga tao sa photos ang nagtapon ha. Nadaan lang sila. 😅

Peace out! ✌️


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