Friday, January 18, 2019

GCash | Tried Redeeming from Invest Money

I shared my experience before about how easy it is to use GCash' Invest Money and invest for as low as P50.

You can check it out here if you still haven't: GCash | Tried Investing Money for P50

It is easy to invest, but is it as easy in redeeming your money as well?

Let's check it out.
Para sa mga atat magbasa though, the quick answer is yes, it is easy. 😄

How long will it take to redeem your money? Read further.

I am not actually the one who's curious about redeeming. Yung kasabay kong mag-invest ang nangulit sa akin.

He even sent me P500 to invest to my GCash Invest Money and redeem it a week a later.

And his reason for doing that is because he doesn't want to redeem from his investment dahil baka magtuluy-tuloy na raw yung pagbawas niya doon. *rolls eyes*

So ano pa nga ba ang magagawa ko? Nasa GCash ko na yung P500 so I invested it na rin (and whatever profit it may gain in a week, akin na raw yun)

I subscribed it on my GCash Invest Money on Thursday, 27 December 2018. It was already evening so it will probably be confirmed the next day.

Visible na yung checkbox. 😃

I received the confirmation message on Saturday though.

Nonetheless, we'd have to wait for a week (yun ang napag-usapan namin) to redeem it.

Come next Thursday, I redeemed it in the morning.

I want to see if it is the same with subscribing na when you subscribe before 9:00 AM eh it will be confirmed the same day.

I just thought magkakaproblema sa pagredeem because it took a while for the User Agreement to appear after tapping on the checkbox button. I had to close and open the app again pero matagal talaga umappear so I just waited...

As per the text message I received for my redemption order, the standard order processing time is 2-3 business days after order placement.

Then I received a confirmation message that evening.

But it was credited on my GCash balance the next day:

Then I sent it back to him na. 😆

So in summary, it is easy to redeem.

As you can see in the time frame, I redeemed it before 9:00 AM and got it confirmed in the evening. And the money has been added to my GCash balance the next business day.

As for the units, tumaas ang value in a span of one (1) week, don't you think?

When I invested it, the value of P500 has 4.74 units. (105.43 per unit)

And when I redeemed it, P500 has 4.73 units. (105.51 per unit)

(I'll create a journal to keep track of my investments per week and its value.)


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.

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