Friday, February 1, 2019

Blogging Schedule Change

As we enter the month of February, I would like to make a change with my blogging schedule.

It has been noticeable that I am consistently not able to meet my current posting schedule every Friday at 12 noon....

Majority of my posts are being published in incomplete details and I make up for it during the weekend.

So I realized, why not post every weekend instead, if that's the time I am able to deal with the missing details and photos.

It took me a while to finally decide on this because I was reckoning that I can still manage my schedule and beat it on time.

But it did not turned out that way in the past few weeks.

So now, I am finally giving in and changing my posting schedule to Saturdays.

Same time still, at 12 noon. But this may be adjusted if it still does not sit right with me.

Let's see how this change will turn out and will continue to improve/adjust until everything is working well.

I will start with the new schedule next week so expect a post on Saturday, 09 February.

That's all for now.


Oh, and I finally lit the scented candle up. The fragrance is so addicting pwede kong singhutin buong araw. But as the instruction says, I should not burn it for more than two hours at a time. And its total burn time is for just 12 hours, so kailangan kong tipirin. 😆 Weeee~

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