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Experience | Pinto Art Museum

After years of wanting to go to this place, natuloy din sa wakas last 16 February.😁

Note: Hatputito is not good at photography nor at taking pictures of herself, so what you will see as you read further were taken by her hobbyist photographer friend who handled her camera phone as they toured the place. 😆

Entrance fee is still the same as what you may have read in other bloggers' posts.

Regular: Php 200
Senior Citizen: Php 180
Student: Php 100

We arrived at around 1:15PM, I think? And we were given a map after the payment and registration.

And the first thing that we did as we entered the area? We sat at the very first seat we saw! 😂

As an oldie, that's what I appreciated the most in Pinto, wherever you go, there are lots of seats/chairs some even have cushion, and they even have outdoor daybeds(?)

With a lot area of 1.3 hectare, I'll probably need to sit once in a while. Haha!

And the restroom, folks, if I counted it right, there are a total of 7 toilets inside. (Yes, I said it. Lol)

The first view that met us was the Chapel.

And to its left is this. (Not sure if this is the one named Pinto Art Gallery in the map but it was off limits to guests. So people were only posing outside (alam niyo na, yung kunwari pababa or paakyat ng hagdan, ganon).

We then walked towards the Roofdeck Sunset View which wasn't practical during that time dahil tirik na tirik ang araw. 😂 So hindi rin kami nagtagal dito. But the view was amazing and we went back there to watch the sun set later the day.

There was indeed a pool. But it was not for swimming as you can see the color.

This was legit stolen, folks. Can't remember what I've been mumbling about.

The Casitas were off limits as well (I checked it and it was locked) but you can seat outside.

So we headed next to the Museum of Indigenous Art which consists of ritual and functional object of our indigenous people, textile, jewelry and others.

I enjoyed the most reading the descriptions of the Bulols/Bululs which are carved wooden figures used to guard the rice crop by the Ifugao peoples of northern Luzon.

At first glance, they may all look the same, but as you read through each description and take a second look at them, you will realize the difference.

And nakakaaliw siya when you realize what it depicts. (Or ako lang nakakaramdam ng ganon?)

We then went to the Mindanao Collection area with some instruments displayed (I am guilty with playing with it! It was too late when I saw the 'Do not touch' sign) But guys, do not play with the instruments. xD

And some of Mindanaoan's clothes and weapons, etc are displayed as well.

And we finally reached the gallery which we toured at no particular order.

We actually went first to Gallery 3.

Then to Gallery 2.

This is actually a real dead bird. (O_O)

What really caught my attention and talagang tumatak sa akin is this work of Crispin Villanueva Jr. (I actually posted this on my Facebook account, which I rarely do 😄)

Can you see the bubble-wrap effect he made with this "Christ in the storm on the sea of Galilee"
after Rembrandt?

He hand-painted it!
And wittingly put his signature in between. 😄
There's another work of his that's been displayed (not sure which gallery #), look for it and I bet you'll recognize immediately that it's his work. 😉

It was then followed by Gallery 1.

Man, look at how huge this work is. Yes, pinagdugtong-dugtong lang siya, but you can see the correlation between
each one.
And we went on to Gallery 4, 5 and 6.

Another spot that I appreciate the most is the Forest!

 It is not the forest that you imagine I tell you.

And I personally describe it as an indoor bamboo meditation area. 😆

It's dark inside, with bamboos everywhere (the surrounding smells very well like it as well), and a relaxing music with chirping sounds, and you can hear the drips of water from the hanging rocks once in a while.

Yun nga lang there's no seat inside and medyo madumi yung nakita naming cement sa gilid na pwede sanang upuan.

Dagdagan lang nila yun ng upuan sa loob, tatambay na ako dun.

Then we went next to the Pinto Academy.

The Amphitheater specified on the map is located upstairs.

The ground floor gives off a columbarium feels. True enough, it displays urns storage of the ancient people.

Library displays information about old movies from 1940's to 1970's, specifically produced by LVN.

One of the displayed work o LVN.
There are other information displayed, but honestly, TL;DR 😅 (too long; didn't read)

Indoor theater is off limits as well as the Roof deck.

But the second floor is accessible where the amphitheater is located, as well as this place.

It was supposed to be a cafe (forgot to take a picture of its name) but it's closed when we went there. Only the Cafe Rizal was open I think? (Although I could not give you a review about Cafe Rizal because we didn't eat there. Menu's a bit pricey for me. 😆)

Pero at least marami ring upuan dito. 😅

Nevermind the face.
Then we went back to the Roofdeck Sunset View (as I mentioned earlier) to watch the sunset.

There are lots of seats there too (and nataon pang maraming foreigner sa araw na pumunta kami). And everyone watched as the sun sets behind the overlooking building structures of Manila.

Big, red sun, covered partly by the clouds (or maybe pollution? :P) But it's truly beautiful to see in person.

I could go on and on about my experience with Pinto Art Museum, but it will still feel like I'm missing or forgetting something to share.

It will be best to experience it yourself if you are looking for a place to relax and busugin ang mga mata with different art works of our talented fellow Filipinos.

Or even if you just want to sit and enjoy the view, you can do so.

The wind is refreshing with all the trees, plants, flowers, plus the comfy seats everywhere.

Or maybe take a nap? 😝

#Facepalm 😂

Giving him the credits for the Pinto Art Museum experience I was able to share.
Ito po yung kinakalabasan ng photo kapag ako ang kumukuha. 😂


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