Saturday, May 18, 2019

Experience | A Very Meaningful Week

Right after the short getaway we've done, I have been up to so many things in the background that I forgot what topic to share for this week!

I thought of sharing my condition since it's been around this time of last year since it developed but I still have a follow-up checkup on July so I'll leave that for later.

I thought of sharing about my experience with the recent national election, but I'd rather not. 

The only thing I can tell about it is that we voted around 6:00 AM (because I still have work afterwards). There are still few people around, the sun hasn't fully risen yet and the process went super smooth with us.

So what should I write for this week?

What have I been up to?

Well, aside from my online job where I've been somehow helping in the background for a huge business event that my client attended just this week, I've been back to working on my projects/hobbies that I've put off since I don't know when!

Of course I do these after my work hours.

Slowly I've been finishing the videos for my channel and updating it.

Lots of catching up as well. What's funny is that I don't post much and if the person/people I am with doesn't post anything as well, it will just be buried in our memories.

Planning. Lots of planning for the coming months too. Especially for the weekends. Still not sure which ones ang makukulayan but come what may.

I'm not on social media that much and will have much lesser time pa since I will have to complete seminars for the next three (3) months.

So only the quality conversations are reaching to me. It's more personal and sincere. Makes more sense. At nalaman na 'to ng mga malalapit sa akin so the beeps eventually turned to video calls and voice calls. Lol

And speaking of time, palimos po ng oras!

I think it was only this time that I felt like 24 hours are kind of short.

There are so many things that I have to do, but sleep is more important so whenever I reach that certain time of the day, I'd have to put off whatever I am doing and call it a day.

I also sometimes watch to deviate from what I am doing. You know, to avoid monotous routine. Netflix it is! Yeah! And discover music and lighten the mood. Spotify it is! Yeah!

Albion Online is now free as well! After paying for it last year for my little brother, I created an account for myself after their biggest update as yet. Still a noob though.

And Undertale! Gawd. This Undertale. I learned it from a certain someone. You know, that person who's always been sitting in the Beat Street whom we thought was a mod but in truth is not, the one who told me about Baileys and the one who made me listen to EDM. The game resurfaced in my search and now it's in my list to play.

All in all I've been updating different aspects of my life. Thanks to Sadhguru for this.

As for the continuation of my Baybayin komiks, I might put it off just a little bit more because I am shifting to Photoshop to work on it which I am not much familiar as yet so I'd have to watch tutoials first. But I am prioritizing my seminars so I'll do it after that.

This post is just a small percentage of what is really happening, but hey, at least you get to see a snippet of it.


So alam niyo na. Hopefully I can share a more helpful posts next time despite everything that I've been doing. Need to develop my time management skills!

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