Saturday, May 25, 2019

GCash | PayPal USD Balance Not Appearing in Cash-in Tab

You might have felt a mini heart-attack when you did not see your PayPal USD balance when you tried to cash-in on your GCash app.

But don't worry. It wasn't gone.

It was part of GCash's new update where you can only cash-in from your PayPal balance in Philippine Peso.

To give you an idea, you might have received this text notification from them:

When I received this, I just thought that it is just an added option for us to just cash-in directly in Philippine Peso.

But no, it was not the case.

We are now forced to convert other currencies to Philippine Peso in our PayPal wallet before we can cash it into our GCash wallet because it does not really appear in the cash-in option anymore.

I have checked if I can do the conversion in the PayPal app, but there's no option there.

So now we'd have to log in to PayPal's website every time we need to convert currencies. 😩

To do so, you need to log in to your PayPal account.

Click PayPal balance's burger menu on the right side and choose Manage currencies.

Click on the burger menu of the currency you want to convert and choose Convert currency.

Choose the new currency.

Enter the amount you want to convert and click Next. (For the purpose of this post, I did try to convert currency)

Review the conversion details and click on Convert Now to confirm.

And there you go.

My $10 was converted to Php 507.93.

I was actually planning to compare their conversion rate when cashing-in from USD to GCash for this topic thinking that the GCash advisory I received was just an option but turned out that's a mandatory step to cash in from now on (which I just discovered as I was writing this).

So yeah, in the end, I can't compare it because there's no USD option in the cash-in tab of GCash anymore.

What do you think of this change that GCash and PayPal have made?


If you happen to be new to GCash, here's a PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Having trouble scanning the QR Code? You can visit it here.



By the way, in the coming weeks, my posts might be about the items I bought from Lazada plus the sellers I bought it from.

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