Saturday, September 14, 2019

How To | Remove Intel Optane Memory Pinning

Did this notification kept bugging on your laptop screen as well?

After the Windows 10 update on my laptop last week, this notification keeps on appearing whenever I open any of my browser.

Checked my browser extensions but I did not find it there.

Tried to search my laptop for it but there's none as well.

Finally found the culprit by looking at the programs.

I just typed in the Search bar the "Add or Remove Programs" and clicked on it.

Scrolled down the Apps & features and there you go!

I just uninstalled it and the notification has already stopped.

According to where I've found the solution:

Is it safe to remove?

Based on what I've read, the program helps to open files faster and what most of them suggested is to repair (or if not available, modify) it.

But I am not feeling it because I've been experiencing more freeze in my screen after the update.

So I just uninstalled it without batting an eyelash.

You can read the thread here:


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