Saturday, September 28, 2019

My Mind is Blank

I can't think of a topic for this Saturday post!

The one that I was planning to share, I wasn't able to completely finish it so I am leaving it for later.

And I haven't even prepared an excuse to tell today. Lol

Preoccupied by so many things in the background, I even forgot to draft and schedule this post just to fill in this day!

So even if this is kind of late than my usual time of posting, I am publishing this anyway. Haha

Have you experienced having trouble cashing in from PayPal to GCash this past few days? So am I, and a lot of freelancers in our group have been asking as well.

PayPal is undergoing maintenance, that's what's in GCash's page whenever I tried to cash in.

But I'm glad it has been fixed today.

Have you been ranked down by the end of ML's season? My sympathy is with you, from a low-tier who didn't experience that. But hey, that means you've got lots of prizes there~

Oh and be careful not to be sick. I mostly go out of the house every weekend and sneezes and coughs are everywhere.

I've been fighting it with a high dosage of Vitamin C after I get home and I can feel the symptoms every Monday, it has been like that for the past 2 weeks and now I think it is getting stronger, I can feel it in my throat.

I actually bought Tuseran Forte today because I can feel phlegm already building up.

Plus! I tried Lola Remedios for the first time and man, menthol kung menthol!

It is like a liquid version of Snow Bear candy.

My small stye got irritated yesterday and swelled up but fortunately it got better after the hot compress.

But honestly though, I've got nothing else to share today and my mind is going blank so I'm leaving it here.

Hopefully I can share what I've been planning to share next week, but if not, be ready for another senseless post. Lol



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