Saturday, October 12, 2019

It Pays To Wait

See these greens?

This just makes me proud and makes me want to share!

It may be a small achievement for some, but it is a big deal for me!

This is home-grown, my friends, and were only planted with pots we bought from Farmers, Cubao way back in August.

There's also eggplants and okras in front, but there's nothing to harvest from them yet, though one eggplant now has this small hope of bearing fruit which was planted last June.

When I started these, of course I am really looking forward to being able to grow them and experience some harvest just like with my tomatoes from before which has died after bearing fruit.

But it feel happier to share it with my aunt whom was really pleased with the harvest.

Ginisang pechay ang kinahantungan niya at parang may extrang sarap dahil sarili naming tanim yun.😋

I am growing a next batch of these three (3) again to add to the first ones.

Slowly I am turning my aunt's ornament garden to a vegetable garden. 😁

Just need to invest to pots and soil as we don't have it here, sementado kasi.

It really pays to wait.

But of course it needs action!

Little acts every day will contribute to the success of whatever you are doing or waiting for.

So don't just wait and do nothing, it won't take you anywhere.


Please excuse my absence last Saturday, skipping my Saturday schedule.  I have no excuse for that. Lol

Just really have nothing to share and haven't thought of any excuse to write. 😅


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