Saturday, November 16, 2019

Palawan Trip | Day 1: Honda Bay Tour

Another new experience that has been ticked off from my list: Ride a plane!

Although I'm a salimpusa in the trip, walang makakapigil sa'kin. Hahaha

It was actually a trip of Auntie Zen and her friends which they have long since talked and planned about and luckily I was spared of generosity and they included me when they booked it on 12 September. Nakalibre ang lola niyo. Thank you po!

It's a 3-days and 2-nights Palawan trip starting from 25th to 27th of October.

And for the very first time since I got hired from my online job, I went offline on Friday for this holiday trip and my client was so understanding to let me. 😊

Even on the week itself we were still unsure if it will push through because Tita Lydia and two of her sons were confined with Dengue, but me writing this experience in my blog means we made it happen.

We arrived at the airport at 5:05 AM which is three hours earlier than our departure so we strolled around while waiting for our flight of 8:05 AM (with breakfast in between).

I was kind of scared at first when the plane started to move.

Lots of negative thoughts ran through my head.

But I chose to just film the moment until I was finally engrossed to it that I eventually forgot about my fears.

One second and we're now flying!

We reached Palawan earlier than our scheduled arrival but still late for the supposed Honda Bay tour which should have started early in the morning but for us, we're still traveling from the airport to the wharf at around 10:00 AM.

We were fetched by our tour guide, Ate Jem and we stopped by a small store along the way where we bought bread (to be fed to the fishes), changed costumes lol, and where I rented a full-face snorkel for Php 250.

And our first island stop was the Cowrie island, which for most is already their last stop.

We had our lunch there, a buffet of Filipino cuisine.

Wala lang. Para may makunan lang. Haha
We did some pictorials which I want to share here but it still hasn't been uploaded by the owner of the bag I modeled so nganga pa. BTS na lang muna nila. Hahaha

This island is where we actually took our time to relax and eat until 12:40 PM.

The second island we almost not hopped into and the farthest of the three in our tour, is the Starfish island.

I guess with the name itself, you already know what this island is about: starfish!

And not just that, there're different kinds of fish as well.

Since we had to dip into the water when alighting and half of our group are oldies, we almost skipped this island had the boatman not suggested to go to the other part of the island which would not require them to dip into the water.

Good thing I took a photo of the post because you'll see as you read further what happened after.
Funny thing is when we arrived to the other part of the island the boatman was talking about, only us millenials actually alighted!

They stayed on the boat while we swam and fed the fishes!

My snorkel came in handy while swimming as my two (2) companions had to go up once in a while for air while I stayed under the water even talking with the fishes.

We haven't got any pictures here because we went far from the "Starfish Island" post and all we did was swim, swim, swim until 2:00 PM!

And last but definitely not the least is the Luli island (which means lulubog-lilitaw) because you cannot see it when it's high tide while it's visible during low tide.

Since it's already afternoon when we arrived there, the stores were already packing up.

There's a swimming area but we already lost our energy in Starfish island so we're good looking at the scenery and watching other people's business while drying ourselves.

Auntie and friends were already tired to even walk under the sun to take pictures with the "Luli island" post fortunately our tour guide is kind enough to take some picture of us with whatever sign that can show we're on Luli island.

The final output looked like this...

You see it?

"Luli Island" it says. 😂
We got back to the wharf quarter to 4:00 PM and arrived at out hotel at where we washed up and had to prepare to have our dinner outside as this is not part of our hotel package.

Few minutes away from our hotel is Robinsons Palawan so we had our dinner there and we also visited their friend who migrated in Palawan few years ago.

And that concludes our first day in Palawan. 😆


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