Saturday, December 7, 2019

Palawan Trip | Day 3: Baywalk Park, Crocodile Farm & Baker's Hill

Our last day in Palawan was meant for city tour.

Buti solo na rin namin ulit ang van for this.

First stop is the Baywalk Park.

I actually have nothing to say here because we only stayed around 15 minutes.

I was only able to breathe the air and take this photo:

And received a call from auntie already waiting for us in the van while taking this photo. 😆

It felt like our driver was in a hurry as well because he gives us time limits at each stop.

We passed by the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral and he was kind enough to let us pray there for a few minutes.

Since it's Sunday, there was a mass when we went in.

Then we stopped by the two (2) souvenir shops to buy our pasalubong~

I don't know what to buy aside from the two requests I've been asked to (dried danggit + Palawan sleeveless shirt) and may time limit ulit kami dito.

So I searched the stores to look for some interesting things to buy.

There was this one that caught my attention which I bought quite a few.

It's this pearl foot bath. 😍

I haven't tried it yet but I will when I remember on my free time. Lol

I have given that as a pasalubong together with some cashew nuts and a thing that will let the person I'll give it to know that I've really been to Palawan: S-A-N-D! 😁 fresh from Palawan 😆

We then headed to Crocodile Farm which we almost skipped again (alam niyo na, halos katulad ng nangyari sa Starfish Island. Lol)

And as usual, may time limit ulit kami dito so we had to cover everything that we can with the given time.

Medyo mukhang mainit na ulo ni auntie. Lol!

Instead of taking pictures of our crocodile farm tour, I took videos of it so there's not much that I can share here.

Only these ones:

Hopefully I can find time to edit the videos and be able to upload on YouTube but this would probably take time as our Baguio getaway video isn't even up yet as well. 🙈

So here's just a photo of me with Baby Croc for now.

I haven't even experienced eating Crocodile Sisig because we're in a hurry. ☹️

Our last stop is the Baker's Hill.

Oh, hugot kung hugot diba?

I thought it's just a bakery (obviously I didn't do my research before going here. Lol sorry!), but it's actually like a park!

There's a playground for children, a mini zoo, some stores and a restaurant.

I was able to buy some brownies and choco crinkles.

I actually didn't buy a lot as we don't have enough space in our luggage. 😆

Really though, I didn't buy much but I was surprised that auntie bought a lot!

My packing skill was challenged to fit all of it in our bag.

Some were hand-carried already on our way home. 😆

And as our Palawan trip came to an end, our flight was delayed for an hour.

But let's just appreciate this design at the airport as we wait for the plane to arrive.

A typhoon is approaching and it started to rain when we departed but fortunately we arrived safe and sound. Medyo haggard nga lang. 😆

Nonetheless, this experience was great and memorable in a lot of ways.

Especially the sight and the food!

I could even just stay at Ala-Amid and enjoy the ambiance while indulging with their mouthwatering cupcakes.

They are the ones who arranged our tour as well.

Frances just gave them the places we wanted to visit and they planned it wonderfully.

Looks like they partnered with Maysons Travel & Tours which I noticed in our table at Kitu-Kito and our van's logo. Couldn't be sure though because salimpusa lang ako and haven't shed a hair on planning our trip. 😆

But I'm very thankful to everyone I shared this experience with. Till our next travel again~!



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