Saturday, July 4, 2020

Hatputito Freed....or not?

After almost 3 months of being in community quarantine, I finally got out of the house on the 11th of June for my scheduled flu vaccine shot.

The clinic is within our village but the surrounding felt different as if I didn't come here for ages.

I went out with my aunt but with some rules still being implemented, we had to ride a separate tricycle (only 1 person is allowed).

I also had to go offline from my work because we were scheduled around 4:00 PM.

My first selfie from the outside world after the lockdown, I even forgot to remove my work glasses.

I almost displayed my ignorance when I was about to touch the tricycle driver's arms to say " Para po", gladly my consciousness came back in time and halted as I was about to poke him. 😆

So yeah, the clinic felt different as well. 

The long line of waiting is now gone and only the 3 of us are there (doctor, me, and auntie).

But because we haven't come in a while, the chitchat couldn't be avoided.

And we went grocery shopping after which is right in front of our subdivision.

Long lines in the cashier as well, but social distancing is strictly observed.

Bought a cake for no specific reason.

I just saw it and felt like we had a connection so I bought it. Lol

Or maybe we could use this reason to celebrate my first time going out after the lockdown. 😝

But I actually had to go back to work to continue where I left off when I got home.

Fast forward to the 28th of June, I went out the second time.

This time is to attend the mass after being finally allowed under the MGCQ (Modified General Community Quarantine).

We had a good walk to the church for the 6:00 AM mass.

There are 2 persons spraying alcohol at the entrance and one giving out envelopes for the offering.

Ropes are tied on the chairs to maintain distancing as well.

On the normal mass, very few really attend the 6:00 AM schedule, so the number of people I saw is not new to me, I wonder what it would be like during the evening mass because that is when most people attend to.

We walked going to the market to buy vegetables and stuff.

We should have walked going home too but auntie left me halfway when she saw an empty tricycle, so I walked home alone. 😅

But hey, I enjoyed it. That was a good exercise.

With the new normal being implemented, I am still grasping the reality.

We still don't know what the future awaits and all I can do is watch and observe.

Our Taiwan trip that was supposed to be this June was rebooked to next year.

Hoping that everything will eventually normalize soon, I do hope too that the good things practiced during this pandemic will be carried forward.

And with nature that I saw, I can see that it has got time to heal.

I have never seen the tree leaves that beautiful before, looking lush and healthy.

The flowers are blooming.

And I can hear more birds chirping.

Even at night, I can hear some crickets or whatever those insects are called which I only usually hear when I go to the province.

And everybody is getting some time to heal as well. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Looking at the bright side of this situation, in just a snap, everybody and everything was forced to rest and heal.

And almost every day I receive a notification of a friend inviting me to like their page.

A lot of people have gone to do online business.

A lot of people are discovering new things that they never thought they could do or never imagined they were good at, but now they are able to cultivate it.

Lots of realizations, lots of self-improvement.

Who knows what the future holds?

But I can see a lot of positivity going on around with this.

Let us hope for a better future, pray, and contribute to making it happen.


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