Saturday, June 27, 2020

Philam | Vitality Points Missing

In my 4th week of using the Vitality app, I encountered some problems.

Just when the week is about to end on June 21, I chased the last hour to reach the target points.

My Samsung Health app was able to count 30 mins of exercise but the Vitality app did not sync it, only the number of steps was synced which is far from the target points.

It was already quarter to midnight and I am worrying I won't get the reward on time.

I tried to start a new exercise which lasted for only 13 mins, and that still did not sync.

Hopeless, I keep on resyncing until past midnight.

Finally, the Vitality app synced my workouts....but it is incomplete!

Only 15 mins and 4 mins were captured in the app.

 From S Health app From Vitality app

I extended my concern by visiting the Philam Vitality site and sending them a message through the Contact Us page.

I forgot to take screenshot of my message from the website, so for the purpose of this post, I took it from the email thread. Yes, very short and clear, I just said my workout didn't update and couldn't get my reward for the week.

The target points have already been reset for the new week.

Demotivated, I still tried to do an exercise the next day to see if it will sync in the app.

And it did, completely.

So ironically, it was just last evening that did not sync properly, just when I was rushing to meet the target.

I received a response from them in the afternoon with some troubleshooting instructions.

I was even addressed as "Mr." 😆

Some of it I have already done, and just tried one that was new to me, to manually trigger the syncing in the Vitality app.

But that still did not work for me so I replied to them again with the result of my troubleshooting and the screenshots from my S Health app and Vitality app.

I received a reply the next day again, somewhat similar to PLDT, it looks like they only respond once a day. 😅

I was informed that they already requested the points to be manually awarded to my Vitality account and to monitor my account for at least 24-48 hours.

I thanked them and clarified if only the points will be awarded or if I can still get the reward for the missed week.

As expected, I received a reply the next day.

And their answer is yes, I can still get the reward for the missed week.

As I re-read my emails to them, please excuse my English! Lol!