Saturday, October 17, 2020

Lazada | Getting Items for FREE

So I have been into this coins collection from LazGame, which I thought was a nice past time.

I play Fun Farm: playing with the virtual cat, petting him, feeding him, making him cut some grass, as well as watering and harvesting strawberries which then converts into coins.

I play LazCity: building your own city and collecting gems, but my main purpose is to log in every day just to collect coins.

I sometimes play Shop & Match for the sake of collecting 10 coins.

What for?

I just originally collect coins to past time. I was thinking, I have nothing to lose, whatsoever.

Then I noticed below Fun Farm's interface, I could actually exchange it for some goods!

Aside from exchanging coins for items, there are days when you can exchange it for Free Shipping as well, either Php 50 or Php 100.

So I get the items without any out of the pocket expenses, although sometimes I still pay for the shipping when there are no Free Shipping offers.

But most of the time, I only watch out for Free Shipping to exchange my coins because the choices of free items are very limited, and most of the time it is not what I want or, need, or even if I want something, I'd really need to exchange fast because it goes out of stock within less than a minute it becomes available.

Below is one of the items I have exchanged it to. The description says it is a hair growth inhibitor.

Still not sure if it is effective as I have only tried it once. Let us see if it works.

Also, it is very small. As you can see below, I put it beside a 6ml Efficascent Relaxing Oil so you can imagine its actual size.

What is more surprising is, even though the above item is free, the shipping fee is Php 90 which is more expensive than the item itself which only sells at Php 45!

Another item that I got for free which I am loving is:


Apparels are the items that go out of stock the fastest (in my experience).

Hoodies and Tees to name some.

I just felt happy seeing that these shorts are still available for exchange so I went ahead and got it.

I did not know that I cannot choose the size. 

After exchanging my coins for it, the size for free is 28!

But to not let my coins go to waste, I still continued with it because I got a Free shipping voucher as well.

Unexpectedly, it fits perfectly!

I don't know if I should be happy or what.

Because it could mean that I gained weight.

Or maybe their sizes are just small? (Yes girl, convince yourself)😝

I also got a white t-shirt for free, but I haven't taken a photo of it yet.

I need to wash it first, you know, with this current pandemic, all the items you receive outside need to be disinfected or something for safety purposes.

Another one of my favorite is this screen cleaning gel from True Vision.

It has two covers and came with a cleaning cloth.

It is made of surfactant water and antistatic agent, as the label says.

Perfect time for having this and cleaning my gadgets.

At one time, I almost exchanged my coins for a portable mini karaoke, though I changed my mind eventually.

Nonetheless, what a great way to past time and get items for free, right?

If you have got nothing else to do, or bored, you can try checking out LazGame and start collecting coins.

You might find something nice and get it for free.


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