Sunday, December 13, 2020

Lazada | Great Finds Pt. 1

I have been shopping on Lazada since I don't know when.

There are good buys, and there are flops.

I have learned to read every reviews that I can rather than just looking at the ratings, because I feel like some are scripted especially with overseas sellers (you see those several reviews from different "buyers" kuno but same photos were used? Pati ba naman doon may kopyahan 😅)

So yeah, if you are careful and very meticulous when shopping, then you should double that when buying online.

So far, the following are my favorite finds from my online shopping:

Four things from the photo are bought from Lazada: bedsheet, wooden laptop table, webcam, and suspenders (not visible in the photo).

The bedsheet is very memorable for me dahil sa source ng pinambili ko nito.

The set included two pillowcases, one flat bedsheet, one duvet cover, and one infill.

It is soft and fluffy, though not as fluffy as the comforters.

But this buy makes me look forward to the Amihan season because it means I get to use it again. 😁

It cost me Php 1,119.

The name of the Lazada store I bought it from is Pilot Luxury Travel Shop. Make sure to check the sizes, description, and all necessary product details before checking out to avoid buying one with the wrong specifications than what you are intending to buy.

Mine was a one-size that fits for single, double, twin, full, queen, and king bed. 

HERE is the link to the exact product I bought (though I think the Hamster design is not available anymore).

The suspenders are another great buy for me, though it is not visible in the photo.

Since the bedsheet is flat, the suspenders are very useful to make it stay in place.

So no matter how much I roll when sleeping, keeping the bed neat is no problem.

I bought it for Php 129.98, which when I looked at it now it is down to Php 108...

Lazada store: CAG Shop

Next is the wooden laptop table.

My little brother has this and I have been meaning to buy it too but it took me a while to finally decide because my laptop cooler was still working at the time.

When it finally stopped working, that was my cue to finally checkout the table.

The only difference with my brother is, he doesn't have a fan.

I like the drawer too. Akala ko hindi nakadikit mabuti, but iyan na talaga yung build niya. Hindi naman nagwiwiggle no matter how much I press on.

And the legs are adjustable.

You can just lay it flat too.

I bought it for Php 793.

Lazada store: Shinecool Trading

And finally, the A4Tech PK-910H webcam with mic.

I simply needed it because the built-in webcam in my laptop is oddly placed below the screen. You can see the webcam cover below which is a good buy for me as well, though I feel like it should be sold for Php 5-10 only instead of Php 22.

Going back to the A4Tech webcam, I like it because the camera is still clear with or without the ring light.

With ring light.

Without the ring light.

I specifically bought the ring light when I had to use the built-in webcam, because we usually have our huddle kapag papalubog na ang araw due to time differences, and the team could even hardly see me.

Now with the A4Tech webcam, it makes it easier and faster for me to attend the huddle with less setup, and at least nakakaanggulo ako. 🤣

And it is plug and play, no installation needed.

I bought it for Php 1,050.

Lazada store: PC Chain

Regarding the ring light, I bought it for Php 448, here's my review I posted on the product page:

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