Sunday, January 24, 2021

Lazada | Great Finds Pt. 3

I think as we age, things that interest us change too.

As for me, I’ve taken liking in household stuff.

When our drawers broke during this pandemic, I looked on where to store things with what we already have.

Before 2020 ended, I cleaned up and disposed stuff we don’t use anymore so we can have enough space for the things still useful and relevant to us.

The upper cabinet caught my attention.

We used to store there whatever and often forget about it until we open it again.

So I decided to rearrange everything in it.

I got an idea of using it as a storage for tableware so that it’s safe from cockroaches and mice which are real pests in our home.

To achieve that idea in mind, I searched Lazada for kitchen organizers.

I found a lot!

I liked a lot!

Pero hinay hinay lang muna, yung para sa cabinet lang muna ang binili ko. 😅

For the cabinet, I bought a foldable dish plate rack and a hanging rack.

Both look simple, but really useful in the neat cabinet arrangement I am aiming for.

I wish there was a white hanging rack though, but every seller sells only black back then so I settled with it for Php75.

I was expecting the foldable dish rack to be of cheap quality for its price of Php93.10, but to my surprise, hindi siya basta basta bes.

It is thick and the surface is smooth.

Both sit well in the arrangement, I love it. ❤️

Until a carpenter fixes our kitchen drawers, I may have to continue finding places in our home to fit in our things. 😅

But that was a good exercise of decluttering unnecessary stuff too, so yeah.

Also, I just want to share another rack I like for slippers.

This is indeed cheap (I bought it for Php67), but unexpectedly sticky even with our crinkled wall.

But the stickiness only lasted for weeks until it slowly fell off so I have to use a stronger adhesive.

But hey, I still like it for its simplicity and such a space saver with its foldability. 😍

The slippers are from Lazada as well, ranging from Php88 - Php90. 😁

This is what happens when you don't get to go outside shopping could be your hobby. 😆


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