Sunday, January 3, 2021

Lazada | Great Finds Pt. 2

Are you living with the oldies in your home?

This anti-slip bathroom mat might be an essential for you.

Few years ago my auntie slipped and hit her head in the bathroom.

I thought this has been an exaggeration from the animes I have watched but for the first time, I have seen it in real life.

We were worried and had her undergone multiple tests.

Fortunately, nothing serious was found.

Even though we are using bathroom mats, those still does not actually stay in place.

I, myself, have times when I almost slipped because of the mat.

Finally, I found the mat that does its job.

This is sold per piece for Php 37-41 in Lazada (price could be higher or lower depending on the seller you buy from).

What I like about this mat is you can cut it so it can fit your bathroom from wall to wall.

It has spaces in between too so the flow of the water and dust underneath won't be a problem.

At first it might feel uncomfortable to step in, but as you regularly use it, it will feel therapeutic on your feet (really great for the old).

Parang naka-tsinelas ka ng ganito ang feeling:

It is easy to clean as well.

Just brush it regularly, I can say at least once a week, para hindi mag-ipon ng dumi, kasi you know, palaging nababasa so mataas ang chance na magka-mold or something.

Since it is sold per piece, you can choose different colors and design it in your bathroom however you want it.

I bought white and gray and attached it alternately.

I have never felt safer than this in the bathroom. 😆

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