Sunday, January 17, 2021

SOLVED | Register in BPI Online Banking

Are you having trouble registering in BPI's Online Banking?

I did, for almost a year!

I opened an account in BPI around February or March 2020 and claimed my ATM card just before the lockdown started.

I didn't bother to activate it or even change my PIN as the teller told me it is easy to create an online account. I was planning on using it for online banking anyway.

He mentioned the URL address I should register it to, but again I didn't bother to remember or take note because I was thinking I can just visit their website and search for the registration page.

So come lockdown, I visited the BPI website: clicked on the Login button at the top right of the page, and clicked Register now.

The first option in Step 1 was easy-peasy, just select the product you opened an account with them, as for me I selected Deposit.

But after selecting the product, this is where I got stuck.

I entered my deposit account number and my birthday, but I couldn't get to Step 2 (even after passing the "I'm not a robot" verification).

I kept trying multiple times for how many days and months until I gave up.

Since I got plenty of time during my holiday break, I remembered about it and gave it another go.

Unintentionally, I got past Step 1 on the first try!

It was the deposit account number all along!

The problem with their registration page is it doesn't specify the format and how many digits they need.

What I've been doing is I enter everything from my deposit slip, for example, 001234-5678-90.

But turns out they only need the 10-digit account number, so you just have to exclude the two zeroes at the beginning of the account number (I should just have entered 1234-5678-90 only!).

And that my friends have solved it for me. (If this is basic for you, I'm so sorry for being slow and not figuring this out earlier! 🐢)

But if you happen to experience this as well, then hopefully that works for you too!

The next steps are as smooth as Brazo de Mercedes.

Just enter your preferred Username, Password, and Email Address for Step 2.

Just read the required characters and numbers for username and password.

Do not forget to tick the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions of my registration" too.

Click Submit and this message will appear:

The phone number is already pre-filled based on the information you filled up when you opened your account with them.

Just click on Yes, send me the code, and enter the code you received from your phone.

And that's it!


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