Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lazada | Great Finds Pt. 4

While Samgyupsal is very popular and a lot of people have been posting about it to the point of buying their own set so they can cook at home, I bought....a takoyaki maker. 😆

It’s not that I want to be different or something, but rather, I crave more for takoyaki.

I enjoy eating it, but the takoyaki stand at SM Hypermarket near us closed down during the pandemic so I thought why not make it myself?

That way, I can make it whenever and however I want. 🙂

And boyfie craves for it often as well so I want to tease him. 😋

What I like about it is its versatility.

It’s up to you how you want the outside of the batter is cooked like if you want it crispy or just the normal.

Tustado or not.

And I can play more with its fillings and toppings.

Plus, it is fun making it! 🤩

Samgyupsal and takoyaki are two completely different dish, but as practical as I am, I hit two birds in one stone when I found this 2-in-1 Electric Grill on Lazada.

I crave for takoyaki but it wouldn’t hurt if I can make the most from the product rather than just using it on making takoyaki.

The product that ZZF-HOME sells has both half-rounded plate (for the takoyaki, or even meat balls)

And a hot-plate (for grilling meat)

which I can use interchangeably.

It is easy to clean as well.

I bought the set for Php 1,907 (shipping fee of Php 50 included).

The set contained 1 takoyaki grill pan, 1 flat pan, 1 brush, 2 iron sticks, 1 bamboo stick kit, 1 cleaning cloth (which is actually a green scouring pad) and 3 paper box.

I'm holding one of the iron sticks. You can also see the bamboo stick kit, the brush, the cleaning pad and under it is the paper box.

When I was watching takoyaki-making videos I thought they were taking their time cooking it.

With that in mind, I overcooked my first batch. 😅

I was so slow that it took me how many minutes to flip it.

But the toppings made up for it.

It still tasted amazing!

I believe you can’t go wrong when making your own takoyaki.

Even though you might have cooked it differently than what you are expecting, it will still be good.

Nothing will go to waste.

The ingredients I used were bought from Lazada as well. 😆

It saved me time from looking for the ingredients at the grocery store or from other Asian stores as it will get overwhelming to find everything at this time.

I bought a takoyaki trial set from Shogun Takoyaki.

It included 1kg takoyaki flour, 400ml takoyaki sauce, ichimi togarashi, 20g bonito flakes, 10g aonori/seaweed, and 100g japanese mayonaise.

Even though the set is repacked, I appreciate the seller putting the expiration dates for each and an instruction manual.

I bought it for Php 478.

And as I use up the ingredients one by one, that’s the time I looked and bought from the grocery store.

I mentioned about its versatility because you can really put whatever fillings you want according to your taste.

My first try in making takoyaki, I only have cabbage and cheese available and it still tasted great!

For my second time, auntie thought of using cuttlefish, and it improved the eating experience! 😆

We kept using that until finally, we got our ordered octopus!

I couldn’t describe enough how scary it was for me to cook an octopus for the first time.

I keep flinching when I touch it as if it’s still alive.

It went on for a while until I got used to it. 😅

I cut it in bigger chunks for my own takoyaki.

We were given two octopus which I think would be enough already for a month or two depending on how often I use it.



This is what the very first takoyaki I made looked:

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