Sunday, March 21, 2021

Lazy Sunday

Hey guys, what's up? (Using elgin's voice 😆)

It is a new season for ML players, how far have you gone up in ranked mode before the season ended yesterday?

Nah, whatever your rank was, that's totally fine, I just don't actually know how to start this post. 😅

I realized I missed last Sunday's schedule, and I thought it might happen again like last year where I was only able to create one post in March.

So yeah, I just want to break it in this Sunday's lazy post.

I am doing lots of things in the background.

I also have lots of things to share.

But I don't know where to start.

I don't know which one to prioritize, so I am taking one step at a time at everything.

It also takes time for me to internalize and write about something, which I can't do as of the moment.

I need some inspiration/motivation to be able to write a valuable post.

Of course I can find some if I put my mind and time to it, but yeah, guilty as charged, I feel lazy. 😆

I bought some time ago a steam mop which is one of my list that I'm drafting about.

It got followed by a robot vaccuum cleaner.

Both I am loving so far.

Kung noon halos once a month lang ako maglinis, dahil sa dalawang ito madalas na akong maglinis ng bahay, which obviously is one of the reason I don't get to write as often as before.

Add to it my growing fondness of experimenting in the kitchen.

Playing with takoyaki making, and just yesterday I tried making sushi bake using a toaster oven which was a hit! 😋

Watching Vincenzo on Netflix has been our weekly bonding as well.

And I watch Haikyu and The Big Bang Theory on the side.

Covid-19 cases in the Philippines has been significantly going up in this past week which is alarming.

Just when the vaccine has become available, it looks like majority of people have become laxed.

It worsened the situation.

With lots of more infectious variants being discovered, people have become complacent, not following the minimum protocol, infecting one another. 😫

Para saan pa ang pagtitiis ng ibang tao na magstay lang sa bahay, while others do as they wish, worsening the situation at nadadamay yung mga mahigpit na sumusunod?

Honestly, it has been challenging to me mentally as well.

Sure I am used to being at home ever since I left the corporate world.

But that's the thing, I have been at home since I don't know when, that's all I see.

To keep my overall balance, I do go outside during the weekends.

But this pandemic has restricted that.

I stayed at home all throughout the week.

We have no choice.

I thought if I followed the rules, things might get better in no time.

But it looks like not everyone thought the same.

I understand those who needs to go outside.

Pay attention to the word I used, "need".

I didn't say "want".

If you need to go outside, go ahead, bearing in mind your safety and everyone's safety.

But that's not what is happening.

People go outside because they want to.

And what's worse?

Face shield worn above their heads, face masks under their chin, coming home like there's no virus that could've been obtained.

That's what I saw yesterday when I went outside to buy some groceries.

It is disheartening.

It makes me wonder when this crisis will end.

There's nothing much I can do.

All I can do to help is to still stay at home and not follow the Covid-19 trend people are going after, help by not adding to the number of cases.

It is getting scary.

And I need to keep myself sane by all of the activities I am doing in the background.

That's all I can do for now.

I hope we all keep ourselves safe.

That's how we can help others be safe too, by not infecting them.


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