Sunday, May 23, 2021

GCash | What Freebies Do You Get Worth Php 70?

Hi, I've been loving GCash so far, and was hoping you'd join me. I've shared PHP 70 worth of freebies for you to try it out:

Php 70 freebies when I register? Interesting.

Do you ever wonder what those freebies are?

You think there is a catch?

I have been sharing this QR code in my site but I actually did not know what new users will get when they register. 😅

Until recently when I registered my aunt.

Here’s what you will actually get:

1. Php 50 worth of load voucher, and;

2. Php 20 GCash coins

The load voucher is valid for 14 days upon registration and has a minimum spend of Php 100. 

From my understanding, you’d have to buy load worth Php100 then you can use this voucher to get a discount of Php 50. Meaning you will get a load of Php 100 for only half the price.

My aunt is subscribed to a postpaid plan so she doesn’t need it, and I actually forgot to make use of it.

Too bad it has already expired yesterday.

Had I written this post earlier, I may have been able to use it. 😅

Anyway, that is the first freebie.

As for the second one, it is a voucher you can claim when you register and upgrade your GSave account.

GSave is within the GCash app as well.

I have written a post about it in 2019 here.

Before, I didn’t have to register and just went straigh to GSave.

But I think their process has changed now and you will have to register to get access to it.

It is still easy and gets approved fast though.

Registration and upgrade of GSave is very simple and at no cost.

Once you have registered and upgraded, you can go to your Piggy bank and claim the voucher.

You have to claim it from your Piggy bank before it expires (I am not sure up until when as we claimed it immediately upon successful registration, but maybe it is valid for 14 days as well).

After claiming, you can see it in your GSave balance.

You can withdraw it if you like and will be available in your GCash balance.

You can then use it to buy load, etc.

Saan aabot ang Php20 mo? 😆

And those are the freebies you will get from using the QR code and registering to GCash.


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