Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Quick Wedding Recap

Our wedding was yet another that was beyond the norm.

No flower girls, no ring bearer, no maid of honor, no best man, etc.

We only had our principal sponsors and secondary sponsors (who also had been our bridesmaids and groomsmen).

Talking about practicality and time saver, huh?

We confirmed this first with the church and they said it was fine.

Even with our reception program, only the essentials were included, and activities that would include everyone's participation, so that no one will be left out and that it would conclude at the earliest time possible to enable everyone to rest (majority of the guests were coming from far places).

Even the sitting arrangement was not the usual.

So people who are traditional and idealistic won't really appreciate all these.

True enough, my aunt made a scene even from prep pa lang until the reception that caused trauma among us.

I expected a specific someone would really ruin the moment, but I did not expect it to be her.

And ironically that specific someone was chill all through out.

Nevertheless, we are forever grateful to everyone who showered us with love, patience, understanding and support.

Despite the negativity that got instilled and highlighted in our memories in our own special day, when we browse the snaps of the moments we failed to see during the event, it makes me realize that it wasn't that bad. 😆

It was beautiful! It was so us! 😲

And with only selected people present, it was very genuine.

As I reminisce, I have a lot of "should haves" in mind, and things that I forgot to do on the day itself.

Unfortunately there are no more retakes.

It is what it is.

And as I share my thoughts and what I envisioned to my now husband, and as he gives his opinions about it, it assured me that it's fine or even better without those things that were missed.

Slowly I am able to accept everything, and start to see the bright side of it.

Now I feel like I won't have it any other way.

And I don't want any more retakes.

I am starting to love it.

Other people won't probably understand these feelings that an OCD and introvert like me is feeling.

That wedding was a challenge that I have overcome.

Meeting new people during the pre-wedding preps, planning and organizing everything with just the two of us. Making our own decisions.

All of these were new to me.

I used to just follow everyone's lead, everyone's wants.

So I had a hard time realizing what I really want for my own wedding.

One by one the answers came in to me, and it was a delightful feeling. 😊

As much as I want to share every detail in this post, I might better do a separate post for each from preparation to the day itself, each suppliers and the lessons learned (i.e. do's & dont's that you might have not read from anywhere yet or you might have already but I haven't 😅).

I still just couldn't believe until now how much love and support we have received on our wedding day.

It still makes me cry. 🥺

Like what good have we done to deserve all these wonderful people in our lives? 😭

Originally we only counted 40 guests during the planning stage.

That is the number I am comfortable with.

I don't think I will be able to face any more people than that (you know me, guys, takot sa tao).

But as we shared our plans with our parents and loved ones, the numbers of guests grew.

I honestly got worried because we have already booked a restaurant as our reception.

I would love to share more of what happened with this, but I would save it to another post specifically about our reception.

But I'm really grateful to Gee for getting our guests out of their comfort zones and express their love to us.

We are still waiting for the official photos and video from our supplier so this would be all for now.

Will just share this photo from Bridal Car By MR because I looked tall in it. 😛



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