Sunday, December 18, 2022

Holiday Break & Catching Up


Hooray for my holiday break~! 🥳

Yesterday was the start of my holiday.

Like I did last year, I saved my annual leave and used it in one stretch. 

Actually I was given more leaves this year for our honeymoon but we haven't planned where to spend it to so I saved it for the last month of the year.

Basically, yun na lang ang natira because I have already used my annual leaves for the wedding planning and my birthday.

So now, I have my 1-week holiday break from the remaining leaves I have and then by Christmas the team will be on Christmas break like we used to, I believe.

I will see them next year then. Yun ang sabi sa akin eh. 😁

With that, I have so many in my list that I need to do while on break.

Aside from vacationing which we are still finalising, I have on my to-do list to catch up with my blog posts!

One, I will have to continue with the draft posts of my wedding suppliers.

These would need multiple blog posts, and I hope I would be able to finish and publish it before the year ends!

Second, my experience of being unable to cash in from PayPal to GCash. 

The previous troubleshooting guide that I posted didn't work this time. 

I had my I.T. expert younger brother to resolve it for me which I will share how he did it.

Aside from the above, I need to edit and upload videos of our trips this year which have already piled up on my drive!

Also, my PRC license had already expired on my birthday, but to be able to renew, I would need to change my name and marital status from their records first and in order to do that, I need the PSA authenticated marriage certificate.

I intentionally waited until December para sure na meron na sa record ng PSA ang marriage namin.

I just ordered it yesterday via PSA serbilis so I would probably have to wait for a week or so to get it delivered.

That's the downside of getting married a month before the expiration of my PIC. 😅

We already got our marriage contract from the city hall of Marikina, kaso what PRC requires is a copy from PSA.

In the meantime, hubby and I will be enrolling in Accelera for the required CPD units.

I have already updated my Accelera account for my married name. I had some issues saving it but thankfully, Accelera was very responsive on their FB page and they have resolved it within a day. 👏

Medyo nagmahal ng konti yung courses nila compared to three years ago, but hey, mas mura and convenient pa rin, so yeah.

Now that I enumerated it, ang dami kong gagawiiin. 🥺

Makakapagbakasyon pa ba kami neto? 🥹

Hopefully magpush through ang mga plans without getting burnt out or whatsover.

Like just enjoying the process of completing it one by one without pressure. 🙂

Medyo mas challenging nga lang magawa lahat now that we have a smart TV sa room. 😅

This is wish granted though!

Gustung gusto ko talaga magkaroon ng kahit alin sa smart tv or android tv via raffle or something. Yung hindi gumagastos.

And huwag ka, I just blurted it out to auntie na sana makuha niya yung tv sa Christmas party nila nung Friday bago siya umalis ng bahay.

Ayun, pagkauwi niya, dala na niya yung tv. Haha!

Super happy! 😊

Although narealize ko parang binalik lang sa akin ni Lord yung binili kong tv para kila mama and dad last week.

Parang sabi Niya, "Binilhan mo sila ng tv right then and there habang namimili ng aircon, tapos gusto mo ng libreng tv para sa'yo? Oh heto!"

Yeee, thank youu~! Kinilig tuloy ako.

Dalawa pa sa gusto kong mapanalunan, Lord, na alam na alam mo ever since pa (although mas una talagang wish ko yung tv), ay automatic/hybrid car, at lotto. Beke nemen. Susunod na kaya ito? 🫢

Nonetheless, I'm super happy with all the experiences I had for this year.

There are still a few days to go before this year ends and hopefully magawa pa namin yung mga bagay na dapat naming gawin ayon sa Kalooban Niya.

Let's do this~!

Ilang araw na rin akong sinisipag maglinis at magdecorate ng bahay.

Hopefully tuloy-tuloy lang, self, huwag kang intro. 😆

Walang space for the Christmas tree kaya ito na lang ang dinecorate ko for now. 🙂

And forget about my Sunday blog schedule.

I will probably publish any day this month para lang ma-clear yung backlog. 😅

Wish me kasipagan~


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