Sunday, November 20, 2022

VA Bootcamp is shutting down

As I was leisurely scrolling through my Facebook this weekend, my eyes caught a question in our VA Bootcamp students group if the above news is legit.

I was shocked and had to scroll more to confirm.

Indeed, they had announced it through email and coach Jason also held an FB live to confirm that it is true.

Their explanation was long, but to cut it short, he and his family are moving to Canada to start a new chapter of their lives.

What happens now to the VA Bootcamp? To the students? To the staff?

As per the announcement, the students who have lifetime access will still be able to access the course even after the Bootcamp shuts down.

The FB group will still be active as well to guide the members, and will still have their support email too so I’m assuming the staff will still be around.

The VA Bootcamp will still be accepting new students until December 31, 2022.

After that, I guess the course will only be accessible to those who have enrolled.

Gusto ko sanang magdrama because the Bootcamp has been my stepping stone to where I am now and it saddens me sa thought na mawawala na siya.

But unlike ourWorld which is completely gone and inaccessible to everyone anymore na nagpalungkot talaga sa akin, at least this one will still be around, and mahihinto lang sa pag-accept ng new students.

So that cheers me up, kahit hindi naman na ako masyadong active sa group.

Do you know that feeling?

Yung naging complacent ka na to the things that you have to the point na hindi mo na masyadong pinapansin, hanggang sa malaman mo na lang na mawawala na pala ito so dun ka biglang malulungkot, but in reality, it is not taking much of your time anymore.

I think it’s just the thought na mawawala na kasi ito sa iyo kaya you feel that way, but eventually, you will move on.

But at least, the memories will remain. 🙂

And moving to Canada is how coach Jason wants to move forward now na nakabuo na rin siya ng sarili niyang family, so everyone should respect that.

I’m glad though na hindi totally na magshushut down na as in wala na like it didn’t exist.

I’m guessing they will give everyone enough time to finish everything that needs to be done before they completely shut it down. Maybe a few years or so?

So if you are contemplating freelancing and have come across the course, this is your last chance to take it before it is completely gone.


I am very grateful I have come across them and invested my savings in the course.

I have met amazing people, and hopefully, I have inspired others through my journey too.

There’s one na I eventually saw became a moderator within the group too. That makes me proud. 🙂


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