Monday, July 24, 2023

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary!

 Now look at that!

One year na pala ang nakakalipas, pero nasa drafts pa rin yung blog ko for our other wedding suppliers! Haha

Well anyway, mas inspired kasi ako i-share how we celebrated our wedding anniversary kaysa ituloy yung mga draft blogs ko so I'll post this first. 😁

This was actually 2 weeks ago.

A lot has been happening in the background so I wasn't even sure kung makakapag-celebrate kami.

But fortunately it pushed through, with my mom and brother living with my aunt for a week in our place.

I didn't even know where we were going.

He only searched it the night before too.

But we decided to check it out anyway.

We went to Wilson's Instant Tree Bank in Pampanga to pick mulberries. 🙂

What I liked about the experience was solo namin yung farm nung nagpunta kami.

I think may mga nauna nang nagpicking that day, but what I appreciate was hindi kami sabay sabay.

So may kanya kanya kayong moment sa farm. 😉

Mas nagtagal nga ata kami kakakain at kakapakain ng mulberries sa mga manok. 😆✌️

The red ones look yumyum, but it's the black you should pick because those are the ripe ones.

Red = sour. 

Black = a little sweet.

After din namin ay saktong may mga dumating din na susunod magpipicking.

There was no entrance fee.

We only paid Php 200 for the containter and bahala na kami kung gaano karami ang ilalagay namin at isusubo namin. Lol

We also bought 2 mulberry plants and 1 lemon plant which we left at my hubby's parents' house.

They have green thumbs, so we hope it will thrive. 😊

If you plan on going there as well, don't forget to apply mosquito repellant.

Hindi naman ganoon karami, pero nakagat ako ng ilang lamok.

After the picking, nagside trip kami sa Zambales.

Ang plan pala ni hubby was for us to camp at Maragaha Campsite in Botolan but the front lot from the highway looked abandoned and there was no staff or security that welcomed us so we backed out. 😅

We felt unsafe.

Eh gabi pa naman at madilim pa.

Fortunately we passed by a resort named Villa Loreta on the way there kaya binalikan na lang namin yun.

Pwede raw kami mag-pitch ng tent as long as we avail any of the cabanas.

We availed the one with AC for Php 2,500 and decided to sleep there instead.

Mukhang maiinitan din naman kasi kami kapag nagtent. Baka hindi rin kami makatulog.

The resort seems new and wala pang operational na restaurant. 

They were only selling some drinks that time kaya bumili na lang din kami ng tubig.

We only had our takeout from McDonalds for dinner.

Naghanap pa kami ng mapagbibilhan ng yelo sa labas because we brought fresh tunas pampasalubong for my hubby's parents.

Dalawang 7 Eleven na ang napuntahan namin but both ran out of ice.

Mabuti na lang at nagbaka sakali siya sa isang tindahan at mayroon sila dun (thank you for saving the pasalubongs!).

Hindi ko alam kung sa sobrang pagod lang sa biyahe or dahil malambot yung unan nila, ang bilis kong nakatulog. 😆

The kubo was very similar to my younger brother's house, but smaller.

I even tricked him na nasa kubo niya kami kuno. 😜

Come next day, since wala pa silang restaurant, this was our only breakfast.

Food he bought from 7 Eleven last night, except the taho.

Tamang muni muni na lang sa dagat.

Habang nasa shade ng mga puno.

At habang sinusubukan nyang kumuha ng matitinong photos at videos sa kanyang drone. 😅

Pwede namang magswimming sa dagat, kaso tinatamad kami. Haha

What I liked about the resort was they have decent comfort rooms.

The bathrooms, at the back of the C.R. though, were kind of uncomfortable because it didn't have doors.

They only used curtains and hinahangin siya no matter what I place in it.

May katabi pa man din akong naliligo.

Mabuti na lang and hubby was outside, nagbabantay sa hinahangin kong shower curtain, na sinasabayan din nya ng silip. 🙄😅

They also had separate dressing rooms for those na bihis lang ang gagawin.

The staffs were so nice and accommodating, I think babalik ulit kami dun when we get another chance to pass by there. Hopefully may restaurant na sila by then dahil halos wala masyadong nearby establishments. 🙂

We had our lunch at a chinese seafood restaurant in Iba, Zambales where we tried their shark's fin soup with chicken shreds.

We also ordered a Sweet & Sour fish fillet (which was a huge serving, we had a takeout), but tumatak talaga sa isip ko yung shark's fin soup becauce it was priced around Php 500 for a cup! 😆

I didn't even know if it was chicken shreds or shark's fin I was eating. 

I couldn't distinguish the two! I'm sorry for being ignorant. 

From Iba, we traveled to Alaminos, Pangasinan for a side trip and para bumili na rin ng longganisa.

Then we went home to my hubby's family in San Manuel and stayed there for a week. 😊

And that sums up our first wedding anniversary. 🎊

Not the kind of celebration others typically do, but we both enjoy. And it was worth it! 👌


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