Saturday, September 2, 2023

Lazada | I got FREE Rice from LazLand!

Have you heard of the game LazLand yet?

You can find it within the Lazada app and you will receive a REAL 1kg Premium Dinorado Rice or a voucher (if rice is unavailable in your area) upon completion of the game.

I already completed the game twice.

I claimed a Php 60 voucher for the first time, then I claimed a 1kg rice for the second time.

The mechanics of the game is simple.

You just have to water the rice plant until it ripens, then it counts as one harvest.

You will need to harvest 15 times to be able to get the 1kg rice reward.

The plant has 4 stages until you can harvest.

Stage 1: Seeding

Stage 2: Heading

Stage 3: Blooming

Stage 4: Bearing fruit

You get one harvest after completing all these stages of the plant.

Water is equivalent to 100ml.

Harvests 1-12 are fairly easy because it requires few times of watering, and you can see how many times you need to water them.

Harvests 13-15 are quite tricky because it changes to % and I'm not sure how it calculates the times of water you need.

You might say I can just divide the water to the % it decreased, but it seemed to not work that way.

Check this out.

As you can see, it starts at 100% and it decreases as you water it.

I tapped on "Water 5 times" which is equivalent to 500ml, and it reduced to 44.91%.

500ml / 55.09% = 907.60 ml is what you would think you need to complete this stage.

But look at the next % after I watered it again by 500ml, 24.91%.

I already watered a total of 1000ml for that.

If you do the math again, 1000ml / 75.09% = the required times of water increased to 1,331.74ml.

So yeah. 🤷‍♀️

Harvests 13-15 are the difficult levels and will take you weeks to complete.

But nonetheless, it is achievable. 😃👍

The techniques I do are as follows:

1. I do the missions in the "Collect" icon to increase my water in the pot as much as possible.

2. I only water the plant when I have already collected 15,000ml, just enough to complete the watering mission of 150 times as it will give me a total of 1,400ml additional water, and I will also have a 3,100ml water to collect the next day.

3. I have an alarm for the Timing gift mission every 7AM, 12NN and 6PM. You will be able to collect a total of 1,200ml of water by doing so (400ml each time).

4. Remember to collect water when it reaches 500ml. I'm able to collect 4 times a day for a total of 2,000ml. The succeeding ones takes too long to fill so yeah.

5. I also play Sunny Rain every 7AM and 6PM where I get 300-400ml of water every game. You can play it twice at each time, giving you 4 times to play.

Just take note that the pot of water has a limit of 20,000ml. You cannot collect water more than that. Been there, done that. The water I collected after I reached 20,000ml didn't add up, so it just went to waste.


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